Claremore Daily Progress


December 5, 2013

Fire Chief updates council on new fire admin building



Firefighters have also pitched in with the demolition and general labor.
“We’re in the phase of cleaning up the building and getting it stripped. In an older building like this it’s pretty important to know what you’re working with,” Douglas said. “We’ll probably do a lot of the framing and some concrete work ourselves, depending on our timing and work load.”
An architect is currently reviewing the plans and Douglas anticipates applying for a construction permit in the next week or two. 
He said the goal is to move in by July 1.
Seventy thousand dollars has been allocated for the project this fiscal year. 
“It will cost more than that,” Douglas said. “If we had plenty of money it would be easier to just contract everything out, but we’re investing a lot of time and effort to get a good savings.”
When construction costs are finalized, Douglas will go before the council to secure the rest of the funding.
“This is a priority for the city manager, to get us in an area that’s more functional and efficient,” Douglas said.
The site will serve a dual purpose as the city’s emergency operations center in the event of an emergency or disaster.
Douglas serves as the city’s emergency management director. 
“We’ve done a lot of cooperative planning with Rogers County Emergency Management Director Scotty Stokes,” Douglas said. “Between their facility at the jail and this building, we will be able to handle any emergency that could arise. We’ve also got a couple of options for an underground facility at this site in the future.”

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