Claremore Daily Progress

August 8, 2013

District 1 builds new county warehouse

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Rogers County District 1 Commissioner Dan DeLozier is in the final construction phase of his new warehouse in Chelsea.
The building is set for completion in October and crews will start interior work next week.
DeLozier said he is excited about the new building and the attached nine acres. The secured property will  house the majority of the district’s equipment, according to DeLozier.
The district barn is currently located along Highway 66 in Chelsea in a building that once was severely damaged in a fire during the 1970’s.
The fire claimed the life of former county commissioner Bud Beck and the visible reminder of the tragedy still remains with axe marks along the back wall of the building, according to DeLozier.
In addition to the fire damage, the facility is not big enough to meet the needs of the district, according to DeLozier.
“It would have been much more expensive to remodel the old building than to build the new one,” DeLozier said.
The project is 85 percent complete, with the help of county resources from the old courthouse and Ryan Baze, Rogers County maintenance director.
Baze will install the heat and air conditioning units for the building, according to DeLozier.
Additionally, DeLozier salvaged doors, sinks, a water fountain, furniture and even toilets from the old courthouse.
The items saved taxpayers thousands, according to DeLozier.
He will complete the necessary paperwork to officially transfer or dispose of the items from the building once the project is complete.
The final project is expected to cost about $160,000 but will quickly pay the county back in monthly utility savings.
DeLozier said the current warehouse is not energy efficient and utility costs are very high.
Despite the flaws of the old facility, DeLozier is planning to work with county economic development resources to turn the property into a potential home for a new business.
The county will sell the property once environmental and other regulations have been cleared.
“I would like to see a good business move in to generate funds for both the city of Chelsea and the county,” DeLozier said.
The building features office space, a conference room, a shop and a locker room for workers.
The building will be OSHA compliant and the shop will include a space to perform maintenance on county vehicles, he said.
DeLozier said he plans on setting up the shop to assist the Rogers County Sheriff with maintenance of the department’s fleet of vehicles, another measure he is taking to save money.