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May 24, 2014

DA dismissive of remaining grand jury issues



“Here is the bottom line and you know this from reading the grand jury report - I have been cleared of all criminal allegations you and members of law enforcement made a media frenzy about,” said Steidley.

She added: “I did my job, I protected the people, I stood up for a person … who was said to have confessed to a crime when he did not confess and I have been attacked by certain members of law enforcement for doing my job.”

In the Griffin termination dispute, the grand jury said it spent limited time hearing evidence as the case is currently before the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It said it would review the matter later “should the EEOC litigation result in findings of wrongdoing by any of the parties.”

Griffin claims he was unfairly fired after suffering a debilitating brain injury while attempting to subdue an out-of-control man in the DA’s office. Steidley’s email said his claim was “meritless.” She had said earlier his job was eliminated for financial reasons.

Read DA Steidley's Comment via email

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