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July 2, 2013

New fiscal year brings action to E911



The overall expense to small departments and rural agencies has been the center of the debate for the past two years.
Several members of the trust authority have expressed their concern about the expense involved and the feasibility of getting everyone on the same system.
Additionally, the members have not been able to officially join the trust because Rogers County officials have yet to provide an anticipated cost of participation. The trust members are required to get approval from each entity’s board before legally participating in the E911 Center.
“I think with all this time crunch and the inactivity of the entities involved, we move forward,” Thacker said.
Northwest Rogers County Fire Chief David Puckett said, none of the entities have committed because Rogers County has not provided any numbers.
“Here is the deal. It has been two years,” Thacker said. “Either get with the program or get your own.” 
Thacker said people only care that someone shows up in an emergency and called the entities “irresponsible” for not joining the center.
Helm and Thacker pushed the contract forward during the meeting, approving the measure in an effort to meet construction deadlines. The center is scheduled to open in October, according to Flintco representatives.
“What a short window,” Helm said. 
“We cannot wait any longer to equip this building,” Hamilton said. “We need to move forward.”
A vendor needs five weeks for delivery of an item, she added.
“We have wasted time and we don’t have the time to waste,” Hamilton said.
Hamilton recommended the acceptance of the item. 
“There are funds in the E911 budget,” she added.
Currently, the E911 account has approximately $900,000 in funding. The purchase, if paid in full, would use approximately half of the available revenue.
“There are a lot of needs,” Hamilton said. 

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