Claremore Daily Progress

February 25, 2014

County gives attorneys key card access

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Rogers County Commissioners set a $20 fee for attorneys Monday to access secure areas of the courthouse.
The measure was approved two weeks ago, allowing key cards to be issued to attorneys that practice law in Rogers County. 
The request for access was similar to the one made by the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office in September 2013 when security and safety concerns prompted them to seek key card access for Claremore Police Department.
That request, however, was denied and led to a series of discussions about who should or should not have access to the building.
Now cleaning crews, exterminators and attorneys will have access to the building, but not Claremore police. Attorneys will pay $20 per card to gain access to areas including the judge’s offices on the third and fourth floor and a minimum of $10 for lost cards.
The fee will be split between the county commissioners office and the sheriff’s office.
The Rogers County Bar Association may charge the attorneys an additional fee. The total amount was not disclosed in the meeting. 
A maximum of 60 attorneys would be issued cards, according to the bar association. Attorneys and their designated “runner” would be allowed to use the key card, according to the commissioners.
It has yet to be determined if background checks will be required to get the cards.
The discussions included an additional requirement for photo identification to be included on the cards. The photo id would help officials insure the proper person was using the card, according to the board.
“My thought is if we are going to issue a card we need to put a picture on it,” DeLozier said.
Human Resource Director Jenny Bentley spoke about the cost of her time to help with the process and if the board should implement the photo requirement.
The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office has volunteered to assist with issuing the key cards and recommended photos be placed on the cards prior to activation to insure security can be maintained.
The board agreed and left the details to be worked out with administrators.
As far as access for other entities including CPD, DeLozier said the item would need to be brought back before the board for consideration because it was not listed on the meeting agenda.
DeLozier supported CPD access in September 2013.