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June 18, 2013

Commissioners look to reduce insurance expenses



“If it [a claim] generates out of the Criminal Justice (Authority) then they need to pay the deductable. Going back and looking at them [the records] the commissioners have been paying them,” Helm said.
In 2012, Travelers Insurance and Rogers County paid approximately $112,306 in property claims, $97,768 in automobile claims, $1,176 in general liability claims, including deductibles. 
The county also has a few malpractice claims still pending.
The county has also submitted a pending claim on their errors and omissions policy for approximately $25,000 to pay for the publication mistake made during the May 14 1-Cent Tax Election.
The county has reduced the number of claims filed each year and continues to look for cost saving measures, according to  Rogers County Commissioner Kirt Thacker.
“We were told in the past that if we hired a human resource director the cost would go down, not up,” Thacker said. Rogers County Human Resource Director Jenny Bentley has also helped reduce insurance costs, according to Thacker.
The increase in the cost of insurance is not specific to Rogers County, according to Burrows.
Burrows congratulated Bentley on the role she has played in implementing new policies. 
The policies can have an affect on risks, he said.
“Jenny is a very good asset to the county,” Burrows said.
The policies and procedures that are being handled, is much better then in the past, he added.
Training that is offered by Travelers Insurance is another asset, helping county management limit safety concerns, according to Burrows.
Several employees have taken advantage of the opportunity to receive the free training that helps the county reduce loss, according to Thacker. 

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