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December 12, 2012

Public comments prompt outburst



Iski agreed that a paper trail would be best.
Grubowski continued to question the process, including the handling of documentation and public records.
“I understand the paper trail on this and Mr. Grubowski brought up a good thing,” DeLozier said. “I will have a paper trail from now on.”
“I have some grave concerns about this new handbook your human resource director brought up today,” Grubowski said. “The only things that should be kept confidential are executive privilege matters. I have seen some things in the handbook that if you [the county] don’t want it known, maybe you are going to circumvent the system.”
“Additionally, it is understood there was a situation where public records were requested, but when they were requested, there was some type of keyword search done and those records were destroyed,” Grubowski said. “I want to know if the board knows anything about this.” 
There was a long silence. The commissioners responded.
DeLozier said he was unaware of the issue. Helm did not respond.
“I had heard rumors about it, but I don’t have proof,” Thacker said.
Iski asked for more information about the issue, asking for the names of the individuals involved.
“My main concern is that this is the people’s courthouse, the people’s office, we need to be as transparent as we can be,” Grubowski said. 
The discussion continued to escalate and Helm brought the public comments to a close.
A citizen then asked the board for an assurance that the commissioners would be transparent in awarding bids in the future. 
This statement fueled Thacker’s irritation with the scrutiny.
“A county commissioner is guilty until proven innocent, unlike the humans that are innocent until proven guilty. Do I get a little testy, yes, I have never in my life had my integrity questioned so much,” Thacker said.
The meeting was then called into recess by Helm.

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