Claremore Daily Progress


March 11, 2013

County sales tax election set for May 14



“We [the commissioners] understand how much money it takes to run the county,” Thacker said. 
The county pays part of the employee salaries from the one-cent, he added.
“If the one-cent goes away about two thirds of the employees goes away,” Thacker said. “Without the one-cent you may get your ditches mowed once but snow patrol is not happening. There will be no weed eating around the stop signs. If you have no money you do without. It would be detrimental to the county.”
The BOCC explained that the tax is crucial for road maintenance and growth in the county.
Businesses are more likely to come to the county if the roads are well maintained, according to the board.
Additionally, road repairs keep car maintenance cost down for citizens and schools, they added.
 “I can see how businesses come in and want new roads but a big ticket item comes at a higher sales tax,” Linda Batty said. 
If businesses are selling a large ticket item, do people buy it in Rogers County or do they drive over 20 miles to Owasso to buy it, she added.
At the end of the year, small purchases turn out to be as much as a big-ticket item, according to Perry.
“I think it would help the cities to be competitive to put the .33 cent tax under the one-cent tax,” Perry said.
“Claremore generates about half, that means all the smaller cities generates the other half. It is a place where everyone has to work towards the same goal,” Thacker said. “We are on the right track.”
What is bad when people go to Owasso or Pryor to shop, according to Thacker.
Yet, every time a new business comes in, it is good for all of Rogers County, he added. 

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