Claremore Daily Progress

March 13, 2013

Group forms supporting sales tax

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Several Rogers County citizens are working together to promote the renewal of the upcoming One-Cent Road tax.

The election set for May 14 will give voters the opportunity to renew the current tax for a five-year period.
The group, known as Citizens for Rogers County 2013, is spreading the message “Go ahead, Be selfish, Vote yes.”
Providing statistics and information about the impact of the vote, the group is striving to keep citizens in support of the tax.
“We are enjoying good growth in Rogers County. Let’s keep it going,” said Tommy Dyer of Inola.
“The loss of the one cent sales tax would be the most detrimental thing to ever happen to Rogers County,” Commissioner Kirt Thacker.
“I remember how it was before we had the road tax. Back before 1988, we would save for two years to chip and seal two miles of county roads,” said Glenn Sweet of Talala, former county commissioner.
John Wylie, owner of Wylie Communications and the Oologah Lake Leader, is working with the group. Wylie Communications is an independent contractor serving as the advertising and public relations agency for Citizens for Rogers County 2013 and as such does not handle funds, according to Wylie.
The committee was registered with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission in December 2012 as required by law, he added.
Fundraising efforts for the group are underway and will be reported to the state, according to Wylie.
The group is the first to come out publicly in favor of the tax. At this time, no opposition to the tax has been made public.