Claremore Daily Progress


October 24, 2013

Claremore to expand WiFi network


The City of Claremore will  launch a new WiFi project to extend the city’s current network.
The city council approved the $127,618 project Monday as part of the current year’s budget.
Information Technology Director Tim White will oversee the project, potentially lowering the overall cost by completing the installation in house.
“We want to meets today’s needs and hopefully grow into the future,” White said.
The focus of the project is to provide WiFi services to the Expo Center, RV Park, Recreation Center and other city facilities.
The project will add approximately 30 new WiFi hot spots to the city’s existing infrastructure.
It will be in addition to the Claremore Police and Fire Department’s plans to expand their mobile technology, according to White.
The network will provide equipment and software, allowing the city to enhance both free and paid subscription services.
City employees will also benefit from the expansion, according to White.
The expansion will enhance the Expo Center’s ability to support WiFi needs at vendor shows, White said.
The project will provide for services at city hall, the community center and in the public works department.
Public access points will be added at Will Rogers Park and at the ranger stations at Claremore Lake.
Once the project is complete the department could be further expansion to include the new fire administration building and senior citizens center, according to White. 
Vendors Aruba networks and Peak Uptime will be assisting in the project including an annual maintenance cost of about $11,000, White said. The equipment will be purchased through state contract pricing although the vendor has agreed to provide the city with an additional discount saving the city more upfront, according to White.

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