Claremore Daily Progress


October 18, 2013

Citizens who circulated petition uneasy

DA expected to add 25 more to libel lawsuit



Grubowski said he signed on as a sponsor of the grand jury petition because he “wanted to make Rogers County the safest and most desirable place for people to live, go to school and worship.”
He said his background was similar to many of the people who circulated the petition: longtime resident of the county, member of the First Baptist Church, active in local charitable and civic organizations, and a supporter of Rogers State University and Claremore public schools.
Cox, a native of Claremore who went on to become a police officer,  said he helped sponsor the petition “because I wanted things to be investigated by someone from the outside to determine if there was an issue and to have it resolved.  I still believe in standing up for what is right and someone has to stand up at some point.”
Guilfoyle, a real estate agent, said the citizens petition was circulated because of “circumstances that arose which were not being answered clearly” and a grand jury inquiry “seemed” the only way for the public to get answers.
“It is good for any community to have clarity as to how the government works,” said Guilfoyle. “It makes it conducive for people to want to live here.”
 Jones, another of the named libel suit defendants, said he collected petition signatures standing at street corners. He said he was “fighting for the rights of his children in a system, which has become badly broken.”
Jones said he was unhappy with the district attorney’s office handling of the rape case of his two young children.
“I supported this to keep others from having to deal with what my family has dealt with,” he said. “This has all become about the rights of the accused, the rights of those named in this petition. What about our rights, the people’s right, my girls rights?” 

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