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November 21, 2013

Georgia peach Angela Owens retires


For the past 23 years, Angela Owens has been the “go-to” person for Rogers County officials in need of information about the county general fund.
Owens, a native of Georgia, will  retire and her co-workers will honor her from 2 to 4 p.m. on Nov. 27 at the courthouse in the second floor meeting room.
Owens started working for the Rogers County Treasurer in 1991, and has been credited as knowing more about the $18 million budget than any other employee.
Owens will be the first to tell you a team does not succeed through the actions of one person. She is quick to deflect the attention to any other her teammates in the treasurer’s office and always recognizes the contributions of others.
Despite her modest demeanor, Owens is well deserving of the compliment, just ask anyone who has worked with her. Many times, commissioners and other elected officials have been heard uttering the words, “just ask Angela in the treasurer’s office” or “Angela will know [where, how to find it, what happened, how much money is in the account].”
A resource for every department, Owens has served the citizens of Rogers County with one goal, “be honest and helpful.”
“One thing I learned from the first day of working for the county, the only thing you have that is truly yours, that you can follow all the way through your career, is your integrity,” Owens said. “Our integrity as a worker is very important, I believe the people deserve to know the truth about their government.”
Owens moved from Thomasville, Ga.  to Oklahoma in 1981, but it wasn’t until starting her job with Rogers County she really got to know people, according to Owens.
“I didn’t know that many people when I moved to Oklahoma, but people have truly embraced me,” Owens said. “I have made some really great friends while working for Rogers County. I will never forget them.”

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