Claremore Daily Progress


August 28, 2013

Councilors discuss plans for smart meter implementation



He said none of the numbers came from GE, but instead a third party company which will physically install the meters for the city.
If completed, the new system would guarantee an accurate record of all usage for 10 years. 
A recent sample of the current analog meters revealed that Claremore Electric is losing revenue from some meters that incorrectly record data.
Hughes said the new meters are nearly 100 percent accurate and the city would see an increase in revenue offsetting the monthly fee to GE.
Total estimated costs of savings for the city would be “at least” $1 million with additional savings from reduction in workforce, fuel expenses, vehicle maintenance and more, said City Manager Jim Thomas.
“Funds could be used for rebuilding infrastructure.”
Another added benefit is outage detection.
Hughes said currenty employees must hunt for the location of a power outage, using up man power. 
The new system will be able to accurately pinpoint the area of concern from the data office, allowing for the city to create a strategic plan for resolving the matter.
Power to each electric utility will be able to be disconnected and reconnected from the push of a button.
Smart grid implementation would take about six months to complete and The City of Claremore would not need to pay a dime until the sytem is operational, said Hughes.
Further discussion on safety concerns and future plans for the project will be made at the next regular city council meeting.

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