Claremore Daily Progress

May 14, 2013

County says yes to tax renewal

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


The Rogers County One-Cent sales tax has been renewed after voters took to the polls Tuesday in small numbers to support the measure.

Across the county only 3,241 voters participated casting 1,887 ballots for the measure and 1,354 against the tax renewal.

The approval renews the One-Cent sales tax for five more years.

The measure passed 58 percent to 41 percent with 2,712 votes cast in person today. Five hundred absentee ballots were requested, however 259 voters returned ballots with 153  voting for the measure and 106 opposed. Early voting resulted in 149 votes for the tax and 121 opposed.

On Tuesday county precincts reported low voter turnout with only 1,585 voting for and 1,127 against the five-year renewal of the tax.

The tax generates approximately $6 million annually to be used only for the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.

Compared to the approximately 51,000 registered voters only six percent took advantage of the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to vote.