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October 4, 2012

Used or Returned? More questions arise about Helm’s road material usage



“We are talking about $1,024, to go back to get a credit so we don’t have to spend $3,000 to publish it for a bid,” Helm said. “We did it in a way to make the ticket amount under the $10,000 once we knew it was over. We fixed the road in case you want to know.”
“We are not trying to break state statutes. We try to guess, we try to make it right, my God, your talking about $1,024,” Helm said. “I made a $1,024 mistake, I told the board about it, Mr. Iski [Assistant District Attorney David Iski] about it, I told the clerk about it.”
“Mr. Iski and I discussed it when I did the bid and realized it was over and looked at other options,” Helm said.
“The amount of $1,024 has come up in my opinion as a citizen traveling the roads it wouldn’t matter to me if it was $100. The issue is doing business correctly and being accountable for the money that was spent,” Chad Choat said. “The fact that the dollar amount drives the argument that it is not a big deal negates everything about honesty, ethics and accountability.”
After much discussion, Thacker held the purchase order, refusing to pay it until consulting with District Attorney Janice Steidley.
“Nobody is making the statement that they really want to make,” Thacker said. “Ask him [Helm] to resign that is really what you want to say.”
Commissioner Dan DeLozier gave a second to Thacker’s motion to hold the purchase order for further review.
Helm submitted paperwork to the county clerk, for the credit, including a credit memo issued from Maxwell Supply and a new receiving report issued from Rogers County District 2.
This paperwork became the center of the discussion, as the dates entered did not match. For example, the credit memo from Maxwell was dated Sept. 27 but was noted to be applied to an invoice dated Aug. 8.

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