Claremore Daily Progress

December 10, 2013

Weather prompts county to delay business

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Winter weather created a delay Monday for Rogers County commissioners, pushing back the opening of 6-month bids until Wednesday because the courthouse was closed last Friday.
The board recessed the weekly meeting and will reconvene at 10 a.m.  on Wednesday to open bids and finish several items listed on the agenda.
The county will continue to accept bids until 4 p.m. today.
The board will continue discussions regarding the contract employment of computer network services for the E911 Center and the assignment of authorized signatures for the Rogers County Finance Authority.
“I have a letter here from RCB Bank,” said County Clerk Robin Anderson. “ I haven’t had a chance to read it because we had a snow day.”
Four people need to be assigned to the management of the account, according to Anderson.
She did not provide additional information to the board about the issue. Commissioners decided to hold the discussion until RCB’s request could be further researched.
The Rogers County Finance Authority was created to manage the $33.5 million bond used to pay the debt in the multi-million dollar judgment that resulted from an inverse condemnation lawsuit won by mining company — Material Services.
The three commissioners are the trustees of the Rogers County Finance Authority.  The validity of the 2012 election to pay for the judgment through sales tax revenue remains in question as the issue was incorrectly listed on the ballot.
Voters overwhelmingly passed the measure, which was written to pay the debt. The ballot listed the incorrect case number and has been under review by the Rogers County District Attorney’s office for months.
No official statement about the validity of the election has been made to date.
Nathan Parks, owner WTECH LLC, has been asked to work on the computers at the new E911 Center.
Rogers County Information Technology Director Brett Williston has requested an outside contractor be hired to work on the critical infrastructure, according to E911 Director Janet Hamilton.
Commissioner Mike Helm voiced his concern about hiring the contractor when he is not able to work on Presidio products.
“Brett will continue to take care of the Presidio phone system for the center,” Hamilton said.
The center has two systems, the Presidio phone system and a dispatch/911 module, according to Hamilton.
Nine computers need immediate installation and interfacing with the servers, she said.
Parks contracts services with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office and was recently approached about working on the installation of equipment in the new Emergency Operation Center located in the Rogers County Jail.
Helm said Parks was unable to perform all the work necessary for the EOC and questioned how the E911 Center project would be managed.
“Brett is more than qualified to do the work,” said Hamilton. “He is just uncomfortable touching anything dealing with critical infrastructure or 911.”
Williston was not present for the discussion but told the Claremore Daily Progress he will be working on the installation of the telephone and data infrastructure with Presidio. Williston said he wants to make sure the 911 equipment is installed by someone with experience in 911 systems.
In other business, the board tabled a fencing relocation project for 86th Street North in Owasso for District 2.
Helm said there were additional items with the project that he wished to discuss with the district attorney before bringing the item before the board for a vote.
Commissioner Dan DeLozier made a short announcement, thanking county employees for their work in clearing the roads during the snowstorm.
He also thanked Rogers County residents for staying off the roads during the storm and making it easier for plows to get through.