Claremore Daily Progress


July 19, 2012

Claremore Electric to offer paperless billing

CLAREMORE — Beginning in August the city of Claremore will be going green. The Claremore Electric Utility Billing Department will be offering paperless billing to customers.

 “The City of Claremore strives to be more efficient and cost-conscious in all departments.  Going paperless will save money in both materials and staff time,” said Cassie Woods, Director of Communications. “Using less paper will not only help our business, but it will also help the environment. Going green is certainly something to be proud of, especially when it results in no decrease in service to our customers.  We look forward to seeing positive results from this change to save energy and paper and do business much more efficiently,” 
Online bill pay with a credit or debit card or direct withdraw from a checking account has been available to city utility customers for quite some time, according to Woods.
The new option comes after several citizen requests to leave out the return payment envelope from their bill, she said.
“They stated that they prefer to pay online and don’t need the envelope,” she said.
Since leaving out the envelope was not possible due to mass mailing constraints, city officials looked into completely paperless billing.  
 “We know not all of our customers have easy access to computers or internet, so we are not forcing them to make the change.  This is simply another option for those who do prefer to receive all their bills via email.  We hope those customers who wish to participate will find this option improves their quality of life through convenience,” Woods said. 
It currently costs the City of Claremore $0.47 to print, stuff and mail each bill, letter or cut-off notice.  For each customer that goes paperless that amounts to at least $5.64 per year.  With almost 12,000 utility customer accounts, that could result in a tremendous savings.  

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