Claremore Daily Progress

June 26, 2013

County assessed values increase by $25M

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


The Rogers County Excise Board will hear a report on a $25 million increase in the county’s assessed property values during a special meeting at 9 a.m. on Thursday in the commissioner’s meeting room.
Rogers County Assessor Scott Marsh will present the annual abstract of valuation and assessment for Rogers County.
“The assessed value has increased by $25 million this year,” Marsh said.
The $25 million increase is approximately a 4 percent increase in valuations, which is consistent with the yearly average, according to Marsh.
Assessed value is about 11 percent of the total value of properties located in Rogers County, excluding properties assessed by the State of Oklahoma, he said.
For example, companies including PSO/AEP in Oologah and AT&T are not included in that number because they are assessed at the state level, according to Marsh.
The assessment total on state assessed properties has not been released to Marsh at this time.
The final impact of the property value assessments on ad valorem revenues is not known at this time.
No formal protests of property value assessments done by Rogers County were filed this year finalizing the county assessments.
Once the state numbers are available, then the final impact on ad valorem revenues can be determined.
All public schools in Rogers County, as well as, Northeast Area VoTech, several fire districts and the general fund of Rogers County Government is directly impacted by ad valorem revenue.
Each year, the revenue of the county increases about 3 to 4 percent as assessments increase, according to county officials.
For the Rogers County commissioners, that means an increase in funds to the general fund.
In July 2012, the county commissioners reported a budget shortfall compared to the estimate of needs. The shortage was attributed to an increase in spending from the general fund not a decrease in assessments, according to officials.
Commissioners approved the addition of several new departments in 2011-12, increasing expenses for the general fund.
These added expenses prompted the board to use carryover funds and a portion of reserve funds to meet budget needs last year.
On Thursday, the excise board will be reviewing the 2013-14 temporary appropriations or estimate of needs submitted by the commissioners.
So far, those requests appear to be slightly higher then last year. However, it has not been determined if the increase in assessed property values will meet or exceed the requests.
 A pre-budget conference for Rogers County is included in the agenda for the meeting Thursday and county commissioners are expected to be in attendance for the discussion. The excise board will also be reviewing temporary appropriations for area public schools, cities and towns.
If approved by the board, the temporary appropriations will serve as the operating budget for these entities to start the next fiscal year.
The excise board has the ability to approve or deny the appropriations or request changes from each governing body.
They serve as the final check and balance on each board, including the county commissioners.
Currently, three members —  Karen Ogle, Buck Mullen and Casey Reed — serve on the excise board.
The meeting is open to the public and will be hosted in the commissioner’s meeting room on the first floor of the courthouse.
For more information about the financial documents to be presented at the meeting, contact Rogers County Clerk Robin Anderson at (918) 923-4796.
The records are available in the county clerk’s office for public review or copying under the Open Records Act.