Claremore Daily Progress

June 14, 2013

E911 Trust places purchases on hold

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Rogers County E911 Trust Authority put the purchase of radio equipment on hold Thursday  after reviewing bids and monthly financial reports.
Rogers County Commissioners received a bid Monday for approximately $400,000 for radio systems from Motorola.
The commissioners tabled the bid,  allowing time for the trust authority to review the information. 
The E911 Trust Authority also voted to table bids for the radio equipment and towers to review all options on the state contract.
E911 Director Janet Hamilton gave a brief overview of the financial and payroll for the month of May.
The department has spent approximately $20,000 for maintenance and operations, including fuel, cellular phone service, office supplies and expenses for miscellaneous 911 services.
Total payroll expenses were approximately $52,000 with about $30,000 being provided from the Rogers County General Fund.
In July, the commissioners will  work to finalize the 2013-14 fiscal year budget, in which the E911 Center will be requesting approximately $400,000 in continued payroll support.
Hamilton spoke briefly about the pay rate for her employees, explaining changes she has made during the past year.  Employees are now on a merit based pay increase system versus a time of service system.
“I make them earn it,” Hamilton said. “Employees are no longer rewarded simply for showing up.”
The dispatchers are required to complete several levels of training before receiving an increase. It includes Public Safety Telecommunicator 1, Fire Service Communications, CPR and other certifications, according to Hamilton.
Currently, Hamilton supervises 13 employees with an average montly salary of $2,900.
Supervisors and training officers have an opportunity to earn up to $3,300 a month based on qualifications and available job openings.
Compared to other similar employment levels, dispatchers making $2,900 are in line with other departments in the county, according to Hamilton. 
The trust authority continues to function as an advisory body to the commissioners.  Members are working to gain the appropriate approval from each entity to official join and form the trust.