Claremore Daily Progress


January 9, 2013

Council leasing space to Rep. Mullin



Mayor Mickey Perry echoed the excitement from Thomas.
“It sounded like it would be nice to have access to one of our federal officials,” Perry said.
Not everyone agreed as Purkey called the effort “partisan”.
“They are going to see this as a representation of the city,” Purkey said. “To me we are opening a door. We are introducing partisan politics.”
City officials made it clear that the office space would serve the people and would not be used as a political office.
Smith raised other objections including the fee of only $10 per month. He explained that the issue includes the city’s expense to build other office space at the new senior citizen center due to a need by city employees.
“I am not comfortable with this plan as written,” Smith said.
After the meeting, more questions arose as the council found the space was occupied by Mullin prior to the approval of the council.
The city charter gives the city the authority to enter into the agreement with Mullin or any other governmental agency. Bringing the issue before the council was simply a formality.

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