Claremore Daily Progress


February 13, 2013

Hello, is anyone there?

City’s automated phone system complete on Friday



 Woods said that for people that are not comfortable with an automated system, the caller would have the option to dial zero to be connected with a live operator.
“We think those who are familiar with automated systems will find this one very user-friendly and efficient,” Woods said.
Citizen feedback has been good and bad, she added.
“Some people are glad to get to the directory and find the exact person they are trying to reach without being transferred multiple times.  Others are impatient and angry and they want to talk to a human immediately.  Because many of our citizens treat us as a phone book, calling to ask for the number to a county office, the school or even just to Pizza Hut, we do have some frustrated callers from time to time.  But those who are calling the city to actually conduct city business have responded to the new system favorably.  They really like that we now have voicemail boxes set up for individual employees and they can call a department head directly without having to be screened through a receptionist,”  Woods said.

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