Claremore Daily Progress

April 26, 2013

Rogers County offers free Wi-Fi hotspot

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Rogers County is now offering free Wi-Fi access to visitors at the new courthouse.
“It is something that came up during the Garth Brooks trial, people were asking if we had public Wi-Fi,” said Brett Williston, county information technology director. “We thought it would be a good service for the public.”
With sufficient speed to support the potential uses, the service came at no additional cost to the county, according to Williston. It is on a separate IP network and features necessary security features to protect other courthouse networks, he added. In the future additional features may be added to protect visitors from the possibility of accessing inappropriate sites. The service is not only free to the public, but reaches approximately a one-block radius around the building. There are 16 hotspots in the courthouse allowing easy connection throughout the building, according to Williston.
Visitors will be able to connect smart phones, laptops or other devices at their convenience while conducting business.
Interest users can simply search available Wi-Fi networks on their device, when in range to connect, according to Williston. Two networks will appear, RCC guest and RCC secure. The guest network is the free Wi-Fi hotspot available to the public.