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October 7, 2012

Equipment grant helps voters

CLAREMORE — The Rogers County Election Board recently purchased eight new voting booths and three ballot call buttons to help voters that have physical challenges.

An Americans with Disabilities ACT, ADA grant through the federal government and state agencies provided the opportunity to buy more equipment for the area, according to Julie Dermody, election board secretary.
“I think that it is important that every citizen no matter what state of physical abilities that they have or don't have, should find it easy to cast their vote.” Dermody said. 
The funds could only be used for items that are ADA compliant.
Voting booths purchased from Inclusion Solutions provided a lowered writing service for individuals that use wheelchair assistance.
“We are super excited that we are going to be able to provide these services to make it easier,” Dermody said.
The booths will be used at the election board during the Nov. 6 election early voting period.
They will take up less space than those previously used at the election board, Dermody said.
Additionally, the ballot call buttons will be used throughout the county at multiple precincts.
“The call buttons are at the right height,” Dermody said. “Someone could sit in their car and they could call and get assistance in their vehicle.”
Previously, the election board had two of the buttons but the new buttons provide additional resources to help more voters.
“All they have to do is push the button and the inspector and the judge will come out to the car and assist them,” Dermody said.
The system works with wireless technology and once the button is pushed for assistance a bell rings inside the polling place. Both of the items will provide greater accessibility to citizens, according to Dermody.

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