Claremore Daily Progress

December 12, 2013

Commissioners agree on E911 system install

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


The Rogers County Commissioners continued their weekly meeting Wednesday, opening bids and taking action on unfinished business from Monday.
The board voted to hire Nathan Parks, owner of WTECH, to install the computer systems for the new E911 Center.
Rogers County Information Technology Director Brett Williston was present for the meeting and recommended the board hire a contractor to work on the “critical” infrastructure.
E911 Director Janet Hamilton responded to questions about the project, adding she did not have the expertise to work with the IT infrastructure.
Together, the two county employees requested the contract, adding they would be learning aspects of the system during the process.
The installation will provide the tools necessary for dispatchers to respond to 911 calls, according to Hamilton.
Williston’s concerns centered on insuring the system is fully functional and dependable in an emergency.
Parks has extensive experience working with the Rogers County Sheriff’s office and existing E911 equipment, according to Hamilton.
In other business, the board designated the three county commissioners to be authorized agents of the Rogers County Industrial Development Authority’s two bond issues.
The $23.5 million and $3.325 million bonds have been used to fund the new courthouse, emergency operations center and E911 Center construction projects.
The commissioners have been working with RCB Corporate Trust Division to oversee the projects.
The authorization allows the board to approve the documents and approve payments, according to Rogers County Clerk Robin Anderson.
All of the payments for the projects have been paid through RCB Bank instead of the county’s purchasing system, according to Commissioner Kirt Thacker.
State law prohibits county governments from incurring debt beyond the current fiscal year.
Trust authorities are commonly used as a source for bond issues to fund public construction or large capital projects.
The commissioners concluded the morning meeting opening bids for the next six months of services.
The primary bids included general road materials. The commissioners opened bid packets for pipe, asphalt, grader blades, concrete culverts, road striping, rock and chip lock road material.
The vendors included Donelson Construction, John Deere, Boxer Equipment, APAC and Advance Workzone.
Several of the vendors were present at the meeting. 
One bid was denied because it was not notarized. The bid for road striping received from Advance Workzone did not meet the requirement. It was the only bid received for the product. The commissioners decided to re-bid the item in light of the omission.
District 2 Commissioner Mike Helm submitted several additional items for bid. 
He requested vendors submit bids for a new Skid Steer mounted shoulder machine, ground level loading trailers and a bulldozer. 
Helm’s equipment bids were tabled for two weeks to allow his staff to review the submissions.