Claremore Daily Progress

October 16, 2012

Outside legal firm to handle bridge issue

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — The Rogers County Commissioners met Monday to discuss a light agenda and voted on general business items including an executive session to deal with pending litigation.

The session dealt with a condemnation case that has been pending for years.
The commissioners voted to contract legal services with The Ritchie Law Firm to resolve the issue.
The item deals with the purchase of right-of-way to continue the Spunky Creek Bridge project.
“There is a project that is being delayed because of this case,” Assistant District Attorney David Iski said. The Ritchie Law Firm is now authorized to move the case forward to trial to resolve the contract price of the easement.
In other business, the commissioners approved an action permitting Planning and Zoning Director Larry Curtis to review existing lot splitting procedures.
“Every so often we need to go through and review the procedures.
I recommend we review the procedures for lot splits at this time,” Curtis said. “It has been noted that some procedures may not be appropriate and have been in place for many years.”
Construction on the new courthouse continues under budget and ahead of schedule.
“The courthouse is moving along really well and we had a meeting Friday to discuss the signage for the county,” Architect Billy Knowles said.
Knowles also met with Janet Hamilton the 911 Director regarding the new plans for the center.
The E911 advisory board will meet Tuesday morning to review the plans and discuss options.
The commissioners also discussed the 2013 holiday schedule for the county keeping the 13 days currently provided to employees.
During department announcements Iski took a moment to remind the officials of county campaign policy.
“I want to remind everyone that the county has a policy about political activity. I want to remind everyone of their obligation to meet that policy,” Iski said.
This announcement came after a recent article in the Claremore Progress regarding the use of county assets for Commissioner Mike Helm’s campaign.
The statement was not presented as a response to the story.
The commissioners concluded the meeting as they signed purchase orders for payment.
Helm’s purchase order with Maxwell Supply that has presented an issue for the board has yet to be paid.
Iski issued a legal opinion regarding the matter this week. No official statement has been provided at this time.