Claremore Daily Progress


October 17, 2012

E911 issues center on budget and safety concerns



Now that the center has limited funding, minimal commitments by area departments and less safety features participants began to question the feasibility of the project. 
E911 funds will be used to provide equipment and radio services will likely be paid on a monthly basis, according to Hamilton.
Hamilton was asked to reveal how much money was in the E911 fund, her response is that $1 million is available to date.
This fund will be used to provide all the necessary equipment and furniture for the interior of the building.
Hamilton also explained that she would be dependent on the county commissioners to continue to support staffing needs. Currently, the county is paying for the salaries of 10 dispatchers.
The final topic of discussion was centered on the cost associated for participation in the center. 
It was clear that the many unanswered questions continue to cause concern regarding the completion of the project.

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