Claremore Daily Progress


October 29, 2012

More questions arise for Helm

Purchase procedures primary focus for Thacker, DeLozier

CLAREMORE — Purchasing procedures became the primary focus Monday and the Rogers County commissioners look to navigate new restrictions on District 2 spending.

This discussion came after Commissioners Kirt Thacker and Dan DeLozier began to oversee felow commissioner Mike Helm’s operations last week.
Helm presented a number of blanket purchase orders during Monday’s meeting and Thacker immediately began to question the items.
“I brought the purchase orders I need for everyday,” Helm said.
Among the paperwork Helm included everything from car maintenance to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts to 600 gallons of road patching material.
The vendors listed under blanket purchase order received the greatest scrutiny, as the items give Helm greater freedom to spend funds.
“I don’t want to go with a blanket purchase order,” Thacker said.
Thacker was looking for individual itemized purchase orders for the purchases.
He requested the documents be submitted daily to the county clerk for approval.
Thacker and DeLozier will be signing each purchase order prior to any purchase or obligation by Helm.
“I think the public needs to know what we are doing and the general business needs to be on purchase orders,” DeLozier said.
“The word is that we are stifling business in District 2,” Thacker said. 
Thacker explained that was not the intent, but neither was it to approve things weekly.
“Do you want to do business daily or play with it like this,” Thacker asked Helm.
The issue is that Helm requested a week’s worth of “business” most of which were by blanket purchase order. Helm explained that previously there was no discussion of how to make the transition. 
He said he would comply with their request, he just needed to know what they wanted.
“I think we should do it the way the purchasing procedures are set up by state statute,” Thacker said.

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