Claremore Daily Progress

March 13, 2013

New system brings new phone numbers

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — County officials are preparing for the move into the new Rogers County Courthouse in April.

In preparation, officials are releasing new phone numbers as the current 341 and 342 series numbers will no longer be valid by mid- to late April. 
All office excluding the Rogers County Sheriff will be cut off after the move. 
The Sheriff's Office will maintain its existing number, (918) 341-3535, according to Information Technology Director Brett Williston.
“It will serve the public better and is more efficient,” Williston said. “More importantly, it will be cutting the phone bill in half.”
The new phone system will have a variety of features improving service to citizens and increasing productivity for workers, he added.
One feature of the new system is the ability to port and forward phone numbers. For example, each phone number is specific to an actual phone, if an employee need to be moved from one space to another, only the phone itself need to be moved.
Additionally, phone calls can be transferred to cell phones allowing the public greater access to elected officials.
The main number for the new courthouse will be (918) 923-4400 and will feature an automated system when dialed. Each office will also have unique extension allowing employees to be contacted directly, according to Williston.