Claremore Daily Progress


March 9, 2014

Courthouse security discussions continue


The Rogers County Commissioners will discuss courthouse security Monday continuing the debate regarding key card access to secure areas.
The commissioners set a $20 fee for attorneys and their couriers two weeks ago to access secure areas of the courthouse.
The key card debate began in September 2013 when the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office sought key card access for Claremore Police Department.
That request, however, was denied and led to a series of discussions about who should or should not have access to the building.
On Monday, the board will revisit the details of attorney access to the building, placing special focus on background check requirements.
Attorneys will have access to the secure hallways leading to the judge’s chambers and offices. 
There is no public access to the area housing the elected officials of the 12th Judicial District.
Currently, anyone wishing to speak to a judge, their staff or request public records must be approved and “buzzed” into the locked hallway.
Only employees, cleaning crews, exterminators and now attorneys have access to the secure area.
The commissioners will decide if Human Resource Director Jenny Bentley or the sheriff’s office will be responsible for the courthouse security issue.
The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office has volunteered to assist with issuing the key cards and recommended photos be placed on the cards prior to activation to insure security can be maintained.
To date, the commissioners have not revisited the CPD or other public access requests to the secure area. 

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