Claremore Daily Progress

August 23, 2013

Parking for disabled coming to new courthouse

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Plans are currently being made to implement temporary physical disability parking at the new Rogers County Courthouse.
The goal is to have marked handicap parking by the beginning of next week, according to Rogers County Commissioner Kirt Thacker.
Also known as handicap parking, the state of Oklahoma requires individuals to have a disabled parking permit and handicap placard to park in designated areas. 
Because the building is in a transitional stage, anyone needing assistance should call the commissioner’s office at (918) 923-4798, according to Thacker.
If they tell us what time they are coming, we can have the barricades out of the way to provide the easiest access possible to the building, Thacker said.
Thacker’s plan is to add asphalt to a temporary parking area on the north side of the courthouse entrance directly adjacent to the stoplight.
Currently, the area is gravel and Thacker said he is concerned the gravel could be difficult for individuals using crutches or a wheel chair. 
The parking area would only be temporary while the old building is being demolished and the new parking lot is constructed, according to Thacker. 
The new courthouse is ADA compliant and ramps are in place to accommodate anyone entering the building, he added. 
The process will include adding handicap-parking signs to the area.
“If you do not have the vehicle that is identified as handicapped then it will be towed at the owners expense,” Thacker said. 
The area will be clearly marked, according to Thacker.