Claremore Daily Progress

November 30, 2012

Report: City’s water issue continues

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Claremore city officials will once again be sending letters to residents regarding the drinking water. 

 A test sample,  found to be in violation, was positive for coliform. It taken on Sept. 19, at the mobile home park on Ramm Road. Officials believe the sample was contaminated, by human error while testing the sample, according to City Manager Jim Thomas.
There is no emergency associated with the positive sample, although it is an indicator of risk that city officials will continue to check and monitor.  
The site has since been tested twice in October and twice in November with no positive samples.  
The city has changed its testing lab to Accurate Laboratory as there is believed to have been some contamination errors at the previous testing facility.  
“Staff will continue to take steps to improve the quality of your water. Utility customers can expect a letter in the mail this week,” according to Communications Director Cassie Woods.
Water discussions are not new to the city; and even Will Rogers weighed in on the water of Claremore back in 1929, according to Thomas.
Thomas quoted Will Rogers by saying, “Claremore, Oklahoma, a town that reached its enviable position through hard work, perseverance and water that will cure you of everything but being a Democrat.”
“It is not the mineral baths that are bringing forward the discussion but this year the city has dealt with three issues alone. I think this is something we need to find a long-term solution to the problem,” Thomas said.
The city tests monthly for several different factors in the drinking water.  When one of those test samples violates Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality standards, the city must notify its customers, according to Woods.
Previous letters have been sent out due to organic compounds that have been found in the water. This time the issue is different, however officials are treating it with the same level of concern. The letter, that will be mailed out today, is a form letter from the DEQ, she said.
Some residents will be receiving the letter inside their utility bills; others will be receiving it as a separate mailer depending on their regular billing cycle.   
For more information on the test samples or the letter, contact the Water Filtration Plant at (918) 341-1331.