Claremore Daily Progress

January 31, 2013

Mullin drops in for townhall meeting

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Northeast Technology Center hosted Congressman Markwayne Mullin Tuesday night during the conclusion of a surge of recent town hall events.

Mullin met with citizens throughout District 2, highlighting his experience as a new congressman.
“Thank you so much, it is a true honor being up there representing our district,” Mullin said.
Mullin gave brief opening remarks, speaking about the amount of history in the Capitol and the impact it has on him.
“Good thing about being in Congress is that I can get into places a lot of people can’t,” Mullin said explaining the sleepless nights he spends at the Capitol.
Mullin added “The good thing is that walking the halls gives me time to reflect on the history and impact of what I am doing.
“It makes me wonder how a kid from Westville ended up here,” Mullin said.
Mullin was clearly moved by the experience, placing great value on the tradition and trials of the office.
As the town hall continued, Mullin answered questions on the national debt, defense spending and the Affordable Health Care Act.
“What the President says is one thing and what he does is something different,” Mullin said. “I believe actions speak louder than words.”
Mullin disagrees with the President’s health care policy, and doubts the ability of Congress to fund the associated programs.
He believes it plays heavily into the debate concerning the debt ceiling.
“The debt ceiling will expose how much the Affordable Health Care Act will cost taxpayers,” Mullin said.
Mullin criticized the policies of both political parties and even the House leadership.
“When politicians make tough decisions it can cost their jobs,” Mullin said.
Many politicians are not willing to make those tough decisions, he added.