Claremore Daily Progress

February 7, 2013

Sign Source: Sign shop lowers county cost

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Rogers County Commissioner Dan DeLozier is working to decrease countywide transportation costs through a new centrally located sign shop.

The shop will be located near the intersection of Lowry and Owalla, and will serve all three districts.
Currently, each district houses their own signs creating extended travel time and a duplication of materials, according to DeLozier.
Once the shop is moved to the new location then Lee Frances, Sign Maintenance Manager, will be able to keep all the materials in one place.
“In the future, the shop will hopefully expand to allow signs to be built, saving taxpayers more money in purchasing costs,” DeLozier said. 
In addition to the sign shop, the property will be a secured facility providing a staging facility for District 1.
DeLozier will be storing equipment, including snowplows, sand spreaders and other road maintenance equipment or materials.
“We will be able to put equipment and materials onsite, allowing us to start road maintenance from both sides of District 1,” DeLozier said. “During inclement weather this capability will allow us to clear roads faster, increasing public safety, while lowering fuel costs.”
The secured location will also prevent vandalism and help prevent theft, he added.
DeLozier has more plans to expand programs to his district at the Lowry location.
This spring, District 1 will host a grant funded “Trash off” day and will be adding wood chipping services for county residents.
Another asset for the county is the office and training room space, DeLozier said.
“We will be able to offer training to our workers onsite,” DeLozier said.
Sometimes the training is extensive requiring hands on activities and this facility will meet those needs, according to DeLozier.
The building was purchased from Grand Lake Bank last week for approximately $230,000, after a year of negotiations.
The county saved additional funds with the purchase because the property was purchased for less than the appraised value.