Claremore Daily Progress

November 22, 2013

Rogers County hosts CED No. 1 meeting

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Rogers County hosted Circuit Engineering District 1 (CED) Thursday for its  monthly board meeting.
County commissioners, engineers, Oklahoma Department of Transportation and representatives from local vendors gathered to discuss upcoming projects.
The CED serves county governments in Northeast Oklahoma including Craig, Creek, Delaware, Mayes, Nowata, Osage, Ottawa, Pawnee, Tulsa and Rogers.
Oklahoma law allows counties to come together in a cooperative effort to pool resources. 
“The Districts act as a political subdivision to serve on the CED board. Each County designates one county commissioner to serve on the CED board,” according to
The CED provides short and long range planning within the district. They provide research, resources, public discussion groups and lectures, according to the website.
The CED also offers each county construction inspection for road and bridge projects.
Members can receive training for roadway employees as well as engineering advice.
The CED also assists with county equipment auctions. To date the auctions have sold more than $21 million dollars worth of equipment, netting the districts $418,000, according to CED documents.
During the meeting, the board, which consists of county commissioners from each of the district’s participating counties, discussed current policy, finances and equipment.
Speakers addressed legislative concerns including upcoming bills, including an effort by some municipal leaders to obtain a portion of ad valorem taxes to fund city operations.
Although the effort has not been launched locally, the CED discusses statewide issues with a potential effect on the district.
Members also presented information about the rules governing operations of county districts during an election year.
Commissioners cannot buy or sell equipment or surplus equipment during the election period, according to the board.
District 1 and District 3 in Rogers County will be up for a new term. Both Commissioner Dan DeLozier and Commissioner Kirt Thacker have unofficially announced their intentions to run for re-election.
The CED is responsible for allocating funds from the Emergency Transportation Revolving Fund and the Surface Transportation Program. 
Rogers County has projects scheduled as part of an 8-year plan including Winganon Crossing, Spunky Creek, Sweetwater Creek, Seminole Creek bridges and 193rd E. Ave. expansion as well as Keetonville Road resurfacing.
The CED provides funds to each county for large projects to give the counties an opportunity to complete large projects. The funds are provided upfront to purchase the resources needed to finish a project, i.e. asphalt, gravel, culverts etc.
Once the project is complete the county repays the CED.