Claremore Daily Progress


November 27, 2012

Local attorney presents father’s portrait to be hung in courthouse

CLAREMORE — A routine meeting of the members of the Rogers County Commissioners Monday was made distinct by a presentation from a local attorney, during which he made a most personal donation to the new Rogers County Courthouse.

“My family has been approached by a number of people, suggesting it would be appropriate for there to be a picture of my father (late attorney Jack E. Gordon Sr.) hanging in the new courthouse,” said Jack Gordon Jr. “Dad loved this place (the current courthouse) and the folks that are in it, and it’s a hell of an honor for me to be able to donate this (portrait) to hang in the new courthouse.”
Gordon, with the assistance of Emergency Management Director Bob Anderson, then unveiled the painting — an original painting by Gordon’s brother, P.S. Gordon, a professional artist, an oil on canvas of the late Gordon seated in a red highback chair.
“It’s a very good likeness of dad,” said Gordon.  “I miss him a lot, but I think he’s honored — and y’all are honored as well — by having this (portrait) to put in the new courthouse. I appreciate you very much for asking. Thank you all.”

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