Claremore Daily Progress


February 22, 2013

Council approves substation bid

CLAREMORE — The Claremore City Council approved Monday the construction bid for the city’s new electrical substation in the amount of $342,690 to KC Electric from Enid.

The company will be putting the substation together for Claremore Electric.
“We are currently running on schedule and slightly under our budgeted amount. So far, the delivery schedule for the equipment is also right on target,” said Larry Hughes, Director of Electric Utility.
The substation is being partially funded through a newly created Tax Increment District that the city council approved in cooperation with the Claremore Rogers County Partnership.
By improving the infrastructure, the city will be supporting the $36.5 million expansion of Baker Hughes, Claremore location.
“This substation will feed the new Baker Hughes facility. The R&D facility they are building on the old soccer fields is just east of the Stuart Roosa facility,” Hughes said.  “Currently, we do not have the capabilities of feeding that addition. This substation is designed to give them the reliability and all the power they will need for that facility.”
Once the improvements are completed, the new substation will free up capacity on the existing equipment, creating opportunities for future expansion at the Claremore Industrial Park.

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