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January 6, 2014


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 Bid #640

Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 1500 to 1507, Title 19 O.S., bid for County purchases in excess of $10,000.00 are to be solicited by the County Clerk’s Purchasing Agent.  The bids will be evaluated and awarded by the Board of County Commissioners at the time and date listed at the end of this invitation.


Bid Request for Remodeling Project - Rogers County Health Department

The Rogers County Public Health Facilities Authority Trust is requesting bids for a remodeling project.  Prospective Bidders must attend a mandatory pre-bid meeting, 9:00 a.m., Monday, January 13th, 2014, at the Rogers County Health Department, 2664 N. Highway 88, Claremore, OK, 74017  to inspect property and receive a copy specifications and floor plan.   Actual materials used should be equal to or better than the proposed items listed in the specifications.  Please call Steve Benj at (918) 369-1822 for questions.  Statement of work is as follows:

Project Overview

The project will contain 5 essential elements:

1) The removal of all ceramic tile and carpet in the vestibule and lobby area and replacing

with 18”x18” specified flooring.

2) The demolition and remodel of 2 bathrooms in the patient waiting area.

3) The demolition and remodel of four other existing bathrooms in the facility.

4) Painting

5) Removal and replacement of the folding panel partition and the accordion door in

classrooms 115 and 116.

Project deliverables:

There shall be consideration given to the complex nature of achieving the completion requirements of the owner.  The facility will remain open and conduct business as usual during the construction phase of the project.  The contractor will make all accommodations necessary to facilitate a safe, clean environment with unencumbered ingress and egress throughout the length of the project.  The contractor will supply the owner with an accurate schedule of events and a timeline to completion of the project.

Project Scope:  In order to allow for patient access and employee working conditions during normal working hours, it will be required of the contractor to conduct demolition and floor installation work during off-hour times.  The removal of the existing ceramic tile on the floor and base of the vestibule/lobby areas and its replacement will cause an undue hardship on employees and patients resulting in the necessity for this requirement.  Strict dust control measures must be put in place during the demolition phase of the project.  All areas immediately adjacent to the project must be thoroughly sealed off from the subject area to prevent contamination.  Glass in the entry, vestibule and lobby areas must be protected from damage.

The contractor will be responsible for any resulting breakage or dust contamination and will be charged with repairing/replacing and or cleaning damaged items.  The contractor will take great care when removing ceramic base in the lobby and vestibule area protecting walls and wallpaper.  Demolition must be contained to wall area behind the 6 inch base tile in the lobby and vestibule area only.

The lobby bathroom remodel must be accomplished in two phases.  One lobby bathroom must remain open to the public throughout the course of the project.  Demolition of the facility under construction must be accomplished off-hours.  All existing ceramic tile in the lobby bathrooms will be removed and replaced by the contractor with the owner specified tile products.  All specified plumbing fixtures, partitions, counters and hardware will be purchased and installed by the contractor.  Ceiling materials and light fixtures will be included in the contractor’s submissions.  Bathroom entry doors will be refinished by the contractor with appropriate materials restoring them to original condition.  Great care must be exercised in maintaining strict dust control measures during all construction activities.

The remaining bathroom remodels in the facility will meet or exceed the requirements set forth in the preceding paragraph.

At the end of each on-hour or off-hour work event, the subject area shall be cleaned of all dust, debris and construction materials allowing for safe ingress and egress of patients and employees.  The contractor will be responsible for removing any unsafe obstructions inhibiting safe movement in the egress path of travel on a daily basis.

The contractor will provide and install the specified laminate product on the wall immediately beneath and the entire length of the service counter in the lobby.  The contractor will provide an alternate price for the purchase and installation of a solid surface material on the service counter specified by owner.  This price will include all work related to the removal of existing materials (if necessary) and installation of specified finishes.  

The contractor will be responsible for the electrical, mechanical and plumbing work resulting from demolition and/or replacement needs of all affected areas.  This will include all receptacles, switches, AC supply/return grills and all work associated with each item.

All areas in the lobby, vestibule, bathrooms, classroom and the mail hallway in the facility will be painted by the contractor with the specified products.  The contractor will make necessary repairs on all existing walls and wallpaper to allow for a quality finished product.

The contractor will remove and replace the folding panel partition and the accordion door in rooms 115-116.  The contractor will inspect all above ceiling structure to determine if additional support is necessary for the construction.  The contractor will supply product equal to or better than Hufcor products for the folding panel partition and accordion installation.  The contractor will supply submittals reflecting acoustic performance, color options and fire resistance data to the owner.

The contractor will use only Oklahoma state licensed subcontractors/employees for all work performed involving electrical, mechanical and plumbing disciplines.  The contractor and subsequent work will subject to daily inspections by the Contract Manager.  The contractor will be responsible for maintaining a code compliant project adhering to state, local, and national code requirements.  A national and state licensed inspector will be available for consultation.

The contractor will be responsible for visually inspecting all affected areas of construction, construction documents, plans and specifications prior to submitting a bid and is solely responsible for any omissions and oversight of the required work.

As an alternate bid, the contractor will submit a price for the removal and replacement of the existing patient service counter.  The material for replacement will be equal to or better than Halcyon Marble #510 “Outback”.  The configuration of the new counter will be the same as the existing counter.

• Vendor statement if machine complies with bid specifications with variances

listed.  (Attach separate statement if additional space is needed).


Complies  ____________________

Specify Delivery Date: ____________________

NOTE:  Delivery date could be a factor in awarding of the bid.

Any questions concerning this bid should be directed to: Nelson McSwain , Purchasing Agent 918-923-4428

Sealed bids must be submitted to the Rogers County Purchasing Agent, Rogers County Courthouse, 200 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd, Claremore, Oklahoma  74017 prior to 4:00p.m. C. S. T. on Friday, Jan. 24,2014


ANY CHANGES ON SUBMITTED BID, FROM VENDOR, MUST BE INITIALLED, Including but not limited to:  strike-outs, over-writes or white-out

Sealed bids will be opened in the Rogers County Commissioner’s Meeting Room, Rogers County Courthouse, 200 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd., Claremore, Oklahoma,

Monday Jan 27, 2014 @ 9:00a.m. C. S. T.

Facsimiles or electronic submissions will not be accepted

Purchases by Rogers County, Oklahoma are not subject to State or Federal Taxes. Oklahoma Law requires each bidder submitting a bid to Rogers County for goods or services to furnish a notarized sworn statement of non-collusion.

Late bids will not be considered.  Bids must be received in sealed envelopes (one to an envelope) with bid number and closing date written on the outside of the envelope. Rogers County reserves the right to delete any item and reject any and all bids, to accept in whole or in part, to waive any informalities, or technicalities in bids received, to accept bids on materials, or equipment with variations from specification in those cases where efficiency of operation will not be impaired and unless otherwise specified by the bidder or accept any item in the bid.

Recognizing that preparing a bid involves considerable effort, your observance of the foregoing instructions will help insure that your bid will receive proper processing for its presentation to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration.

Rogers County Clerk., Robin Anderson

Attn:  Nelson McSwain, Purchasing Agent

200 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd.

Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

(918) 923-4428