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January 14, 2013


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Public Notice



Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 1500 to 1507, Title 19 O.S., bid for County purchases in excess of $10,000.00 are to be solicited by the County Clerk’s Purchasing Agent.  The bids will be evaluated and awarded by the Board of County Commissioners at the time and date listed at the end of this invitation.

Bid #598

GENERAL:  Rogers County is requesting sealed bids for FURNITURE (see below.) The furniture shall be of current production offered to commercial trade. Successful bidder shall meet or exceed the following bid specifications. Success bidder shall include any and all warranties applicable.

 Description                                                            Quantity

High Back Swivel Tilt Chair                                        17

Side Armless Upholstered ¾ Back                               18

Tandem, Two seat UPH ¾ back arm caps                      1

Tandem, Three seat UPH ¾ back arm caps                    1

One Seat Lounge                                                             6

Two Seat Lounge                                                            1

24D x 24W End Table Cylinder, Round, Laminate       3

24D x 30W Printer/Computer Table Laminate/Wood    8

36D x 72W, Desk Double Pedestal, Lam/Wood            5

21D x 72W, Credenza Knee Space, Lam/Wood            1

34W x 36H Bookcase Open Set On                               9

14D x 36W Cornice Frame                                            9

14D x 35W Base                                                            9

120W, Panel Base Kit Wood                                         1

48D x 120W, Conference Top Boat, Lam/Wood          1

Acoustical Panel 43H x 24W Low Profile Painted        2

Acoustical Panel 43H x 30W Low Profile Painted        3

Acoustical Panel 43H x 42W Low Profile Painted        7

Acoustical Panel 56H x 24W Low Profile Painted        8

Acoustical Panel 56H x 30W Low Profile Painted      16

Acoustical Panel 56H x 36W Low Profile Painted       1

Acoustical Panel 56H x 42W Low Profile Painted        6

Acoustical Panel 56H x 48W Low Profile Painted     15

Full-Height 29 ½H x 24W Modesty Panel                   1

Corner Desk Leg 29 ½H                                               3

Freestanding 24D x 29 ½H End Panel Support            6

Full Height 29 ½H x 36W Modesty Panel                    3

Stand Alone cor 29 ½H x 48W Modesty Panel            6

Freestanding 24D x 29 ½H Support Leg                      6

Full Height 29 ½H x 30W Modesty Panel                    1

Full Height 29 ½H x 72W Modesty Panel                    1

Cantilever Bracket 24D LH Concensys                      24

Straight connector kit 43H Low Profile Paint               5

Straight connector kit 56H Low Profile Paint             27

Connector kit 43H Low Profile Paint                            2

Connector kit 56H Low Profile Paint                            5

Tee Connector kit 43H Low Profile Paint                     1

Tee Connector kit 56H Low Profile Paint                     4

Panel end cover-fabric 43H Low Profile Paint             4

Panel end cover-fabric 56H Low Profile Paint           18

Panel mount to wall kit 56H Low Profile Paint            1

Pedestal to panel LH attach bracket                             10

Pedestal to panel attach bracket                                   10

Variable hgt 13H Low Profile Paint                              3

Primary 24D x 36W T mold Eg Lam w/grommet        3

Corner 48W x 24D w/Radial Leading Ef T mold

w/grommet                                                                   11

Primary 24D x 30W T Mold EG Lam w/grommet      13

Primary 24D x 72W T Mold EG Lam w/grommet        1

Corner 42W x 24D w/Radial leading EG T Mold

w/grommet                                                                     4

Primary 24D x 42W T Mold EG Lam w/grommet        4

Primary 24D x 54W T Mold EG Lam w/grommet        8

Primary 24D x 24W T Mold EG Lam w/grommet         1

Duplex Receptacle Circuit 2 3+1 & 2+2 system          12

Duplex Receptacle Isolated Circuit  3+1 &

2+2 System                                                                   12

Pass Thru Harness w/Power 30W                                  4

Base Power in Feed Cable 3+1 & 2+2 Systems            8

Pass Thru Harness w/Power Block 24W                       6

Power Harness 30W                                                      5

Power Harness 48W                                                      6

Keyboard Platform/Dual Control/Sit to Stand

Misc. Tray                                                                    15

Ess Lat 36W 52 ½H 4-12” Drws Arch Pull                   6

Ess Support Ped BBF 28H 22 7-8D Arch Pull             12

Ess Support Ped FF 28H 22 7-8D Arch Pull                12

Ess Support Ped BBF 28H 19 7-8D Arch Pull               3

Ess Support Ped FF 28H 19 7-8D Arch Pull                  3

Side Chair Square Back Armless                                   9

Side Chair Square Back with Arms                              12

Standard Uph High Back/Adj Arms                             17

Power Harness 42W                                                      6

Storage of Furniture until move-in  


VENDOR:______________ _________

Complies  ____________________

Any questions concerning this bid should be directed to:

Rogers County District Attorney’s Office

ATTN:  Misty Douglas


Sealed bids must be submitted to the Rogers County Purchasing Agent, Rogers County Courthouse, 219 South Missouri Avenue, Room 1-104, Claremore, Oklahoma  74017

prior to 4:00p.m. C. S. T. on Friday, January 25, 2013.


ANY CHANGES ON SUBMITTED BID, FROM VENDOR, MUST BE INITIALLED, Including but not limited to:  strike-outs, over-writes or white-out

Sealed bids will be opened in the Rogers County Commissioner’s Meeting Room 1-109, Rogers County Courthouse, 219 South Missouri Avenue, Claremore, Oklahoma,

Monday, January 28th, 2013 @ 9:00a.m. C. S. T.

Facsimiles or electronic submissions will not be accepted

Purchases by Rogers County, Oklahoma are not subject to State or Federal Taxes.

Oklahoma Law requires each bidder submitting a bid to Rogers County for goods or services to furnish a notarized sworn statement of non-collusion.

Late bids will not be considered.  Bids must be received in sealed envelopes (one to an envelope) with bid number and closing date written on the outside of the envelope.

Rogers County reserves the right to delete any item and reject any and all bids, to accept in whole or in part, to waive any informalities, or technicalities in bids received, to accept bids on materials, or equipment with variations from specification in those cases where efficiency of operation will not be impaired and unless otherwise specified by the bidder or accept any item in the bid.

Recognizing that preparing a bid involves considerable effort, your observance of the foregoing instructions will help insure that your bid will receive proper processing for its presentation to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration.

Rogers County Clerk, Robin Anderson

Attn: Marilynn Gibson, Purchasing Agent

219 South Missouri, Room 1-104

          Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

(918) 341-8360 Ext. #11