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March 8, 2013


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Public Notice



Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 1500 to 1507, Title 19 O.S., bid for County purchases in excess of $10,000.00 are to be solicited by the County Clerk’s Purchasing Agent.  The bids will be evaluated and awarded by the Board of County Commissioners at the time and date listed at the end of this invitation.

BID #607- Mobile Shelving & 4 Post Shelving


See Specifications @ Page 5



Complies  ____________________

Specify Delivery Date: _____________________

NOTE:  Delivery date could be a factor in awarding of the bid.

Any questions concerning this bid should be directed to:

Sealed bids must be submitted to the Rogers County Purchasing Agent, Rogers County Courthouse, 219 South Missouri Avenue, Room 1-104, Claremore, Oklahoma  74017

prior to 4:00p.m. C. S. T. on Friday, Mar. 15 , 2013.


ANY CHANGES ON SUBMITTED BID, FROM VENDOR, MUST BE INITIALLED, Including but not limited to:  strike-outs, over-writes or white-out

Sealed bids will be opened in the Rogers County Commissioner’s Meeting Room 1-109, Rogers County Courthouse, 219 South Missouri Avenue, Claremore, Oklahoma,

Monday, March 18  2013 @ 9:00a.m. C. S. T.

Facsimiles or electronic submissions will not be accepted

Purchases by Rogers County, Oklahoma are not subject to State or Federal Taxes.

Oklahoma Law requires each bidder submitting a bid to Rogers County for goods or services to furnish a notarized sworn statement of non-collusion.

Late bids will not be considered.  Bids must be received in sealed envelopes (one to an envelope) with bid number and closing date written on the outside of the envelope.

Rogers County reserves the right to delete any item and reject any and all bids, to accept in whole or in part, to waive any informalities, or technicalities in bids received, to accept bids on materials, or equipment with variations from specification in those cases where efficiency of operation will not be impaired and unless otherwise specified by the bidder or accept any item in the bid.

Recognizing that preparing a bid involves considerable effort, your observance of the foregoing instructions will help insure that your bid will receive proper processing for its presentation to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration.

Rogers County Clerk., Robin Anderson

Attn:  Purchasing Agent

219 South Missouri, Room 1-104

           Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

(918) 341-8360 Ext. #10


Mobile Systems Specifications

1000 lb. High Profile Mechanical Assist System


  1. The Universal Track is constructed of 5/8" square, 1045 cold rolled steel, rail bar stock positioned in a 6063T5 "T" aluminum alloy track.  Rails are machined on all sides.

A. Track housing must be non corrosive, All steel rail unacceptable.

1.1 Each track wiil have a minimum base width of 3-3/4".

1.2 Leveling screws are provided to facilitate proper leveling of track and to ensure smooth operation of the system.

1.3 Track is secured to the floor with Hilti type anchors and grouted in place. 

1.4 Track sections are designed with tongue and groove overlap connections between each rail joint. This design provides horizontal and vertical continuity for a smooth rail surface providing ease of carriage operation.

1.5 The engineered space between the rail and aluminum housing is filled with a black neoprene material to provide a flush floor appearance and prevent debris from collecting thus affecting carriage movement.

1.6 Anti-tip and recessed track options are also available. Contact your local representative for "trough" drawings, details and specifications for all track options.


2.0       Standard elevated deck constructed of 3/4" thick 45 lbs. density industrial grade particleboard.

2.1 Decking will support a minimum of 250 lbs. per square foot.

2.2 Decking will be installed flush and tight to the track leaving no gaps or spaces.

2.3 Decking will be installed in a manner that will prevent warping, deformation and movement during normal system use and operation.

2.4 Decking is supported with 2" wide steel channels placed under decking sections 12" on center.

2.5       Decking and ramp(s) will be covered as specified by the end user.


3.0 The ramp will not extend past the end of the carriages into the main access aisles.

3.1 Ramps are constructed of 3/4" particleboard, a minimum of 24" in depth and ADA compliant when carriages exceed 6’6" in length.

3.2 A 16 gauge stainless steel threshold will be attached, providing smooth entry from existing floor to system floor, where appropriate. 


4.0 Carriages are of 12 gauge welded steel construction, designed and manufactured to support 1000 lbs. per linear carriage foot. All carriages are painted and finished with powder coat paint in textured finishes. 

4.1 Fixed carriages are of the same construction and height as movable carriages and will be anchored to the floor, in such a manner, as to provide for a complete, homogeneous system.

4.2 Carriage splices are of a bolted (type) design to maintain proper unit alignment. 

4.3       Carriage cross members are 12 gauge welded C-shaped steel channels.

  1. Carriage construction allows shelving to be securely anchored to the carriages.

4.5 Carriage construction shall be designed to allow any type of shelving to be securely anchored to the carriages with vibration-proof fasteners. Carriage ¾” shelf mounting recess unacceptable.


5.0 All wheels are a minimum of 5" in diameter, precision ground, balanced and constructed from solid steel for a smooth operation.

5.1 A minimum of four guide wheels are provided per movable carriage.  Guide wheels are machined with flanges on both sides of the wheel.

5.2 Each drive wheel is fitted with two permanently sealed and shielded bearings housed in a self-aligning flanged pillow block.


6.0 All mobile carriages are fitted with full-length drive shafts.

6.1 All drive shafts are a minimum of 1" solid stress proof steel and connect all wheels on drive side of carriage with 1/4" x 2" square keys and couplings.  All axles are solid steel and support the full load of the carriage.

6.2 The mechanical assist handle shall be of a three spoke ergonomic design. The transfer of power from the handle to the drive shaft is chain driven.

  1. All mechanical assist systems are moved by means of a chain and sprocket reduction drive system.

6.4 All chains and sprockets are concealed for safety.  The gearing mechanism is easily accessible and able to accept different sprockets depending on weight changes.                                                          

              A. All chain tension adjustment plates to be concealed and tamper proof.


7.0       Gear ratio is to be 9;1

7.1 There is no "play" in the drive handle at any time and the carriage will stop without drifting when operation of the handle is terminated on all leveled systems.


8.0 Finished Steel End Panels

8.1. Panel to be 1.5” deep construction

8.2 Panel to be to cover the full height and width of shelving unit.


  1. All carriages are equipped with a push/pull safety handle parking lock as a standard feature.  The lock, when engaged, utilizes a (reinforced) dual pin insertion concept that will expose a red indicator to show the carriage is in the lock down mode.

9.1 Mechanical handle to have a center knob locking feature that when press activated would  insert ( 2 ) pin locking points. Single pinned locks unacceptable.  A.Hand wheel mounting: Handle to be installed to a steel chain guard housing   ndependently from the end panel

  1. Mechanical handle shall be equipped with three rotating ball knobs to allow for ease of movement.

9.3 Carriage end stops are provided for systems without stationary units.

  1. A "safety space" is provided between end panels by the use of 3/4" carriage bumpers; this provides    protection for the fingers of those using the system and provides a positive stop for all carriages.


10.0       Carriage construction is designed to facilitate the secure anchoring of most all shelving styles to the carriages with high performance vibration proof tek screws.


11.0       Seismic options / specifications are available upon request.

11.1       Optional security key lock to secure one carriage or entire system.

11.2       Back panels, end caps and miscellaneous finishing pieces are available.

11.3       Two cardholders (for 3 x 5 index cards) are included with each carriage. Four cardholders are supplied for dual access systems.


12.0       All systems are checked at the factory, prior to shipment, to ensure high quality and an uninterrupted field installation.

12.1       All necessary parts and fasteners are provided in shipment to ensure a proper and safe installation.

12.2       All mobile systems will be installed by factory trained technicians.


13.0       Install, level (and grout tracks when appropriate) directly to a properly prepared floor.

13.1       Install carriages, end panels (if applicable) and shelving as shown on the drawings, complete and ready for owner use.

13.2       All installation companies are factory certified.


14.0       All debris and excess materials resulting from installation will be removed and the construction area left in a broom clean condition.


  1. Warranty is 5 years on materials and two years on workmanship.

4-Post L&T Shelving

Mobile Systems Specifications


The shelving is a four post style design consisting of three basic components:  Uprights, Shelves and Shelf Supports.  No clamps or special tools are required for assembly.  There are no sway braces, gussets, nuts or bolts to slow assembly, or detract from form or function.  The shelving has a clean appearance without holes on exposed surfaces except where the shelves, back stops and center stops are slotted or punched for file dividers, and the shelf center is punched for center stops.  The front and back flanges of the shelf are flush with the outside face of the post.  Shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2" centers.

Material and Workmanship

The shelving is made from only the finest materials and highest quality workmanship.  The sheet metal is commercial quality steel fully pickled or equivalent.


Open Uprights

1.0 Open uprights consist of 18 gauge cold rolled steel posts rolled into a 2" wide hollow "T" or 1" wide hollow "L" shape with keyslot holes punched on 1-1/2" centers, along the inner wall only.  There are no holes on the face of the post.  The front and back posts are joined by welding 18 gauge spacers to maintain the required distance apart and add rigidity to the assembly.  Center spacers are 3" high flat strips.  Top and bottom spacers have an 11/16" stiffening flange with two 1/4" holes to allow mounting to floor or mobile bases.  All uprights 64" or less have three spacers.  Uprights 76" to 88" high that are less than 30" deep have three spacers.  All other uprights have four spacers.  The "T" uprights are used as common intermediate uprights and "L" uprights are used for row ends.

Closed Uprights

2.0 Closed uprights have the same specifications as open uprights, except the 18 gauge spacers are replaced by welding 24 gauge closure sheet with a special offset stiffener flange at the bottom of the closure sheet.  The flange has two 1/4" holes to allow securing it to the floor or mobile base.


3.0       Shelves are formed of 22 gauge cold rolled steel with 25/32" high channel formation on all sides.  The return flange is formed to 120 degrees permitting easier installation.  Slotted shelves have shelf divider slots on 2" centers.  Outermost slots on thin shelves coincide with the inner edge of the post so a file divider can be used to prevent files from leaning into the upright.  Shelves 18" or deeper are punched for center stops.

Shelf Supports

4.0       Shelf supports are formed of 14 gauge (also available in 11 gauge) hot roll pickled steel, 11/16" high with flat ears at either end.  Semi-tubular rivets with a 7/16" diameter head is staked onto ears.  Shelf supports for heavy and x-ray shelving are the same as above, except they are 1-1/8" high.  Supports are available with single or double rivets.  The bottom of single rivet heavy supports can fit flush with the floor, and single rivet thin supports are optional on intermediate levels.

Back Stops

5.0       Back stops are formed of 18 gauge steel with a 7/16" channel formation at the top and a 7/16" stiffener flange at the bottom.  Its face is slotted on the same centers as the shelf to receive and retain file divider tabs.  Ends have one shoulder rivet with a 7/16" diameter head.  Rivets are set in keyholes on the inner wall of the back uprights posts.  Back stops also act as a stop for files, and are used on single entry only.

Center Stop

6.0       Center stops are formed of 18 gauge cold rolled steel.  They are 3" high with mounting holes on 9/16" bottom flange, and a 9/16" box channel at the top which acts as a back stop with equal filing depth from both directions.  The face is slotted to retain file dividers on the same centers as the shelves.  Center stops are attached to the center of double entry shelves with plastic plugs or bolts and nuts.  X-ray center stops are the same as above, except overall height is 7".

Letter File Divider

7.0       File dividers are stamped from 20 gauge steel with two embossed tabs to enter matching slots in shelf and a retaining tab on the back edge to locate and stabilize divider against back stop or center stop.  Dividers are self locking on the shelf and are available in depths of 8" or 11", and are 8" high.


8.0       Backs are formed from 24 gauge cold rolled steel and are held in place by their reverse flanges on each side.  The side edges are formed in two reverse 90 degree bends to provide flanges 3/8" and 5/16" wide.  The flanges fit around the post and hold the back in place by retaining the flanges between the shelf support, the notch in the shelf and the post.  The top and the bottom of the back have stiffeners for additional strength.  Backs of 88" high or less are of one piece construction, while backs over 88" high are of two piece construction, connected with a back splice.

Sliding Reference Shelf (if requested)

9.0 Reference shelves are formed of 18 gauge steel and are attached to the underside of shelf supports, where needed.  A shelf extends 9" from the face of the shelf.  Reference shelves operate on ball bearing extension slides and can be mounted alone on single face units or, back to back on double face units.

Shelf Reinforcement

10.0 Reinforcements are formed of 13 gauge hot rolled pickled steel.  Heavy shelf reinforcements are 13/64" high with two 29/64" deep slots to fit over the short leg of a heavy shelf support.  Thin shelf reinforcements are 39/64" high with two pair of 23/64" deep slots.  The inner and outer slots fit over the short leg of the double and single shelf support, respectively.


11.0 All steel parts are thoroughly cleaned in a multi-stage washer.  An integral part of this stage is the application of a phosphate coating.  This results in superior paint adhesion and rust resistance.  The finest grade of industrial enamel is applied with electrostatic spraying equipment.  This insures complete and even coverage.  Coverage is capable of withstanding a minimum of 250 hour salt spray test per (ASTM) method number B-117 in a salt spray chamber as well as all normal resistance of a quality finish.