Claremore Daily Progress

June 17, 2011

Rogers County Historical Society seeks supporters for Claremore museum

Letter to the editor

CLAREMORE — Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to The Progress and the citizens of our area.

The Rogers County Historical Society has obtained a lease on the old Will Rogers Library on Will Rogers Blvd. at Gazebo Park to establish a Claremore Museum of History. This is the perfect location since there is ample parking for cars, buses and RVs.  The park has picnic tables and is well within walking distance to our downtown shops. A Welcome Center inside the museum will promote Claremore businesses, Route 66 and tourist attractions of our area.

Homecoming in Claremore is celebrated each year.  The museum at the park could be a fun place to meet old classmates, view the pictures from the yearbooks, and talk about the good times.

Claremore has a history that is so interesting and the story must be told.  The Osage Indians were the first settlers, then the Cherokee and Delaware Indians, followed by the white man.

History is the chronological record of the accomplishments of man. Claremore has produced many successful people and the young students of today can learn about these forerunners and realize that they too can make an impact in this world.  The senior citizens need to know how much we appreciate the foundation of excellence they have set before us.

Let us share our dream museum with you; one that will be fun and educational.  We visualize stepping inside and finding “old downtown” with a main street divided into stores such as Wilson Hardware, Haddad Dime Store, J.C. Penney, Dorothy Louise and Mason Dress Shops, Collins Drug, Cadet Grill, Yale Theatre, etc.  Part of the museum would appear that a visitor can travel down the sidewalk and “window shop” to our past. Historic items will be placed in the appropriate windows and stores for easy viewing.

Because of pasting time we are losing many of our early-day familities. Also being lost are the wonderful stories. With facilities at the new museum, we will be able to step into the old Yale and view family members sharing their family memories. Video taping will start in the near future.

High technology will bring these exhibits to life. The Northeast Technology Center in Claremore has students that have volunteered their time and knowledge. A software company has designed new programs for us that currently no other museum in the country has.

The company is doing this at no cost to us.

The future Claremore museum currently has a committee that is already moving to turn this matter from a dream to a reality.  It will take money and volunteer help; a lot of both over the next few months. If all of us take some responsibility, we can make this museum a place for all to enjoy.  By aiding in this project you will be proud you had a part in bringing our history alive to everyone that steps through the doors.                                                                                

Tom Pool, chairman

Rogers County Historical Society