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April 8, 2011

Letter to the editor: Apathy ruled during recent election

Claremore Progress

CLAREMORE — Apathy ruled during recent election

Dear Editor,

Apathy, it’s easy to see what causes it. Anyone who has worked on a political campaign has had their fair share of doors slammed on them and raspberries blown in their faces. Some may have lost friends or stirred hard feelings among family members from shared political viewpoints.

When I was six years old my grandfather was fired from a job he had held for 32 years because he would not campaign for the man his boss supported for governor. Yes, I can understand apathy.

As the dust settles on our city elections, I can’t say the votes fell in my favor, but I can say I was proud of all our candidates for running a clean positive campaign. I’d like to thank Rogers State University Public Television for hosting the candidates forum. Claremore is lucky indeed to have this venue in our community.

I felt the Claremore Progress did a good job covering the campaign. I respect editor Randy Cowling for sharing his opinions on the race. I may not share some of his viewpoints but it shows grit for him to voice his opinion on something he believes in and it’s good to have a local paper with some backbone. I’d like to give a thank you to the incumbents leaving office for caring enough for your community to actively work towards its betterment.

It is a tough job and all too often a thankless job. In addition, best of luck to the newly appointed officers.

I see Claremore at a pivotal point. My prayer is that you will be granted the wisdom and strength needed to lead Claremore into the prosperous future our forefathers envisioned.

The one thing that saddens me in this election is that out of around 19,000 residents fewer than 2,000 made their way to the poles to vote. In an election where three council seats and the mayoral position was up for grabs these leaders for our city were chosen by 10 percent of our population. That’s pathetic. That’s apathy.

I see a lot of flag waving, bumper stickers and talk around the doughnut shops about American pride and supporting our troupes.

Seams to me one of the best ways we could support our troupes is to exercise some of the rights they are fighting voting.

Bryan McDonald