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November 23, 2010

Letters to the editor 11/23: City council, Limestone firefighters and Ne-Mar tree

CLAREMORE — City needs experienced and strong leaders

Dear Editor:

The City of Claremore is at a very low point. I have seen this coming for some time with even talk of a change in the Charter. We have had a lot of people (city managers, mayor and several council members) leave the city and they knew when it was time to go. We have city employees past and present who were and are waiting for the time they could retire and get out. I am no stranger to this city having spent 22 years on the City Council. I am very concerned about our present situation and would like to offer my services to the council and the people of Claremore. How many people on the council had to run for their present terms? We have members who were either appointed or had not one who ran against them. Do the people have a say in our government? You have covered the county government very will and until recently you did very little to cover city hall. It seems as if you allowed the city manager and past mayor to give you the information they wanted you to know. Did the paper ever announce the last election of the council?

We have many seats on the council that will have to be filled in April. We need experienced and strong leadership.

Lets step up to the plate.

Don Purkey


Limestone firefighters are my heroes

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring some attention to a very important group of dedicated people who helps us when we are in deep need. (I could use another term but you know what I mean.) That group is the volunteer firefighters that some of our towns are fortunate to have, particularly the volunteer firefighters of the Limestone Fire Department up on Highway 20. They serve many localities, but especially mine.

On Nov. 6, I didn’t have to work at my regular job, so I spent much of the day outside, cutting dead limbs off trees, cutting out brush and cleaning up the property on which I live. I was burning this dead wood all day, watching it and making sure none of the leaves around the fire pit caught fire. About 7 p.m., the fire had died down so I went inside, took a shower, ate some supper and proceeded to watch a movie. I fell asleep on the sofa for about an hour, only to awaken to blue and red lights flashing outside my home. I stepped outside and through they needed directions until I looked around the corner of my porch and saw the hill below my house ablaze. I was in shock but ran to open the gate for the fire truck. Soon my front yard was filled with fire trucks and volunteer firefighters heading into the brush with hoses and axes and rakes. Those firefighters knew exactly what to do while I stood there watching in amazement as they put out the flames. I was both embarrassed that the fire I started got out of hand when the wind changed direction scattering burning embers and grateful that these professionals came to my rescue and knew exactly how to deal with this kind of fire.

I could not thank these volunteers enough. Each of these volunteers was at home, having a nice Saturday evening with their families when the call went out that a fire had been reported. Each one geared up and came to work, without pay, without benefits, simply because each person of this group is community-minded and committed to serving when called upon. These men and women of the Limestone Fire Department are my heroes and I am indebted that they were available and ready to jump in and put this fire out.

Chief Carl Smith gently reminded me to always hose down the ground all around a pit fire and thoroughly soak the burning wood when leaving the fire. Never leave a fire unattended, especially in this dry fall season.

Christine Rodriguez

Rogers County

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