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June 14, 2011

Three letters on 6-14-11: Cherokee politics, national politics and Memorial Day

Area residents
Letters to the editor

CLAREMORE — Thanks for placing flags on Memorial Day weekend

Dear Editor:

American Legion Post 141 wants to thank all who helped place flags and crosses at the cemetery for the Memorial Day weekend. They included Boy Scouts, members of the Rogers County Square Dancers and many others.

American Legion Post 141

Anyone but Obama

Dear Editor:

First I am a birther and conservative and Independent.  I do vote for the person.

What about the auto pen? He has 2 jobs? The UN and  and President? Defund the UN and get rid of them. They never liked us anyway. They need to go to a muslim country to fight their cause.

I am a Christian and tend to stay that way.God will take care of me.I am glad I am in Oklahomea. Seems they dont  take the crap the goverment is handing out.

It seems they want to rule by Marxism and I am not ready to accept that. I will vote for whoever runs against BHO in 2012. Please make sure you have to show proof at the polls to vote. Make sure no one who is dead votes. One more thing, don’t defund the miltary. We need them.

Pamela Frunzi


Voting for Smith/Soap

Dear Editor:

Once again, housing is one of the issues being talked about during this Cherokee Nation election.  I find it disturbing to hear that Bill John Baker’s plan is to take us back to the former way of providing housing.  Back to the waiting list, which took so long that one had to wait decades before being considered for a house. 

Under the current administration, there isn’t a waiting list and families now have a choice to purchase an existing home or to build.  They also are able to improve their credit rating if need be.  Chief Smith’s housing plan isn’t just about building homes; it is also about building individuals and families, which helps to strengthen our communities and our Nation.

I am voting for Chad Smith for Chief and Chris Soap for Deputy Chief because I believe under their leadership, the Cherokee Nation will continue to provide quality services such as the current housing programs.

Nancy Scott



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