Claremore Daily Progress

April 15, 2011

Nothing bad or evil having firefighters’ support in election

Letters to the editor
Claremore Progress

CLAREMORE — Dear Editor,

Once again the Claremore Daily Progress has failed the citizens of Claremore by writing The Opinion in Sunday’s paper April 10. Instead of welcoming the new council and thanking the old council for their service they slammed the old council with all kinds of accusations and slanderous statements with the Geraldo Rivera sensational journalism that Randy Cowling wrote.

Throughout the city elections the Progress wrote how much money each person got in donations and where it came from.

They should have told the citizens of Claremore the mayor and city council members only get paid $50 a meeting not to exceed $100 for one any one month.

Why would anyone spend $14,000 or even $7,000 when the job pays only $1,200 a year? Sure makes one wonder?

I want the citizens of Claremore to know I was proud to serve on the city council even though it was for a short time.

I felt like it was my civic duty to serve when the council person in my ward resigned. I did not come into the council with any political agenda, or any hidden agenda.

I just wanted to serve this great city of Claremore. To have a negative reporter to write such hateful and deceitful opinions was shameful and it should not have happened in the Claremore Progress.

What Randy did not tell you was the city council does not negotiate the firefighters’ or the city police’s contract that is done by the city manager, the city attorney and their union representative.

I was honored the firefighters backed me in the past election and they were smart enough to know if we get more of a tax base in Claremore there will be more money to go around.

There is nothing bad or evil to have the firefighters supporting anyone in any election. I know Randy came out with a different letter trying to explain why he said what he did.

But he still did not apologize to the firefighters or the outgoing Mayor Flo Guthrie or city council members.

Instead he slammed the firefighters again by saying, it seems counter to their unbiased affiliation.

That is a ludicrous statement. Our fine department and police department do no look at who you voted for when their services are needed.

I bet even if Randy’s house caught fire the firefighters would be his best friend.

I know when I jump to a conclusion and say someone is dishonest and stink I found out I was wrong I at least would apologize, but I guess Randy holds himself to a highter standard than the rest of us.

Dwayne Caldwell

Claremore City Councilor

Ward Two