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January 14, 2011

Letter to the editor: What about others? 1/14/11

CLAREMORE — What about others

Dear Editor,

At the risk of sounding argumentative, let me sound off on a current event that appears, at least to me, to be somewhat of a double standard.

This week we have seen several pictures as well as at length video of a memorial service for victims of the recent gunman shooting rampage in Tucson, Arizona.

One individual stands out from all the rest, including the supposed intended target Rep. Giffords, and that is Christina Green, 9-year-old daughter of John Green and granddaughter of David Green of professional baseball organizations.

Little is said of the other 5 fatalities, and unless you explore, it seems quite difficult to gather up their identities.

I do remember a judge was one of the fatalities, but his name now eludes me.

In what seems to be a slant of emphasis, one might consider it questionable that this charming young girl is put in such a spotlight, even though she apparently was born September 11, 2001.

As a preacher, I encounter more often than one would appreciate, situations where innocent good people are done wrong and little is mentioned.

Even some fatally abused children under DHS guardianship, who should be given the same opportunities as children of well to do families, are not given a memorial service the magnitude of the President of the United States of America coming to speak on their behalf.

Make no mistake, this is not a political statement.

I just want the reader to understand this: we are held responsible to hold ALL human life as sacred. We are to be no respecter of persons.

Without contradiction, everyone deserves respect regardless of social standing.

As we respond to what is shown through our informational outlets, let us please respond to EACH death with remorse, mourning and sadness to the loss of life itself.

God bless Christina Green, no more and no less, than those drowned victims in Australia or Brazil, or God forbid, anyone near and dear to us.

Robert Howard


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