Claremore Daily Progress

February 11, 2011

Claremore residents speak out

Claremore Resident

CLAREMORE — Jobs and Business Development:

Bring restaurants and retail to support the numbers moving to Claremore and Pryor due to the Industrial Complex.

Change liquor laws to bring Cosco. Add Target and department stores like SteinMart. Design the Oklahoma Plaza as a unique mall (don't repeat the usual stores or it will just be another strip mall).

Bring in Restaurants:

A gourmet steakhouse in a historic downtown building, a seafood restaurant on east Hwy. 20, Amish restaurant by exit 255, a 50’s diner on Route 66. Cowboy club/night club/bar/music venue with food and drinks. Add fast food along east Hwy. 20. Hopefully, indoor and outdoor seating at Oklahoma Plaza restaurants and add a nice restaurant in Will Rogers Downs.

Grocery store along east Hwy. 20 or a deli grocery store utilizing local farmers and restaurants. Prepared food (from local restaurants) as well as fresh fruit, eggs, and vegetables from local farmers ... also, Swan’s dairy for milk, butter,cheese and Walke Bros for meat.

QuikTrip along east Hwy. 20.

Laundry-mat with or without bar, but drinks and food near Rogers State University. Needs music/pool tables/Tv's/high speed internet/area to dance/study room for the students.

For the younger set take your pick: skating rink, swimming pool, batting cages, video game rooms and tournaments, ice rink.

Get that business development team busy with manufacturing and other businesses! Offer tax credits or unique land deals for businesses bringing in a specified number of jobs.

A shuttle business service to end drinking and driving.

A small bookstore.


Bells Amusement Park on Route 66. If you can’t secure Bells, a park along Route 66 with a carousel, ferris wheel, slides, mechanical riding toys, such as dinosaurs, a rubber floor with water squirting from all directions. Maybe a miniature golf course. Bring in food wagons or add a 60’s diner complete with an outside mural of the icons of the route, especially anything in Oklahoma. Gift shop with items unique to Oklahoma. T-shirts with original drawings by Oklahoma artists of the Blue Whale, Frank Furrter (Claremore hot dog), the only Hard Rock owned by an Indian tribe, Indians, cowboys, horses, Will Rogers, Joebot (the Tulsa robot @ Dwelling Spaces), the golden driller, Blue Dome District, other areas of interest in Tulsa and Claremore, and the Claremore red zebra, unique books and postcards, MIO gifts and products.

Claremore Lake: Utilize this beautiful area ... Advertise it for children’s parties, corporate parties, reunions, graduation parties, celebrations, charity events, and fishing tournaments( in the inside building) circle the lake with a train for children ... carousel? .. twinkle liqht everything bring in great food wagons or build a floating restaurant in the middle of the lake ... bring on a party planner to secure rentals for photo booths, a portable movie screen to show movies, a place for music with or without a d-jay and dancing area, build a grass roofed hut to serve unique alcohol-free fruit drinks, build a large seating area, add paddle boats shaped like swans or the like for rental, add rentals of fishing equipment, add swimming pool, add parking or

continue to offer shuttle service, ensure mosquito free .... and nice, clean restrooms.

Utilize the golf course with tournaments/charity events/fundraisers.

Robson: Have locals direct and star in plays and musicals. So fun!

Lynn Riggs Park: Hopefully singers and musicians would offer their talent for old fashioned events, like ice cream socials, cowboy days, street dances.

Clean-up the town: Clean up junky areas. Ask businesses and residents to remove any junkyard-Iooking areas. In downtown, add flower boxes or drapes or murals to the buildings that are empty. Add twinkle lights (twinkle lights makes everything all right). For seating downtown, ask residents to purchase benches and add a memorial plaque. Add flowers or awnings or something unusual to downtown. At Christmas time, line the streets with Christmas trees decorated by the businesses. Claremore’s rodeo grounds need cleaned-up and brightened up. Maybe flags or paint. Wish Claremore could make a bigger deal out of them with a parade or more events.

Add a Museum: A world class five civilized tribes museum. The middle section being an entry with five off shoots, one for each tribe. The middle designed as a typical Indian village. A children’s area where children can dress up as Indians, play with drums and other Indian toys, design Indian jewelry, learn Indian crafts, story area, dance area, study language, and things that made Indian life so fascinating from yesterday to today.

The story of the Trail of Tears in exhibit or movie or documentary and exhibits. In the five large off shoots for each individual tribe ... exhibits of everyday life and their death, clothes of the Indians of yesterday and today. In the middle a gift shop, places to dress up for photos, food of the different tribes, a designated place to honor the leaders of each tribe, a spirit forest. It must be world class or don’t do it.

Will Rogers Down: Please ask to spruce up Will Rogers Downs and add a hotel, restaurants, live shows, more music. This is a jewel that needs attention.

Susie Morgan is married with one child and two stepchildren and one grandchild. She is a retired bank director and vice president of former First Bank of Cleveland, Okla. She is a children’s book author and lives in Claremore.

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