Claremore Daily Progress

March 18, 2011

Letters to the editor: 3-18

Letters to the editor
Local residents

CLAREMORE — Oowala OHCE thanks Baker Hughes

Dear Editor,

Oowala Home and Community Education Group has been an active participant in the OHCE statewide “Just Let Them Know We Care” military/family support project. The main objective of this project is to support our military troops by sending packages, letters and to have personal contact with troops serving overseas.

Our local group members have provided items for the packages.

The items sent have ranged from personal toiletries to dog treats for bomb sniffing dogs to school supplies and clothing for local children in orphanages.

Since our group began participating in this project in 2008, we have sent 105 packages overseas. our group would not have been able to affor the postage to mail this many packages. All of us appreciate Baker Hughes Centrilift’s part in supporting the United States’ troops all around the world.

Marcia Bacon, secretary

Oowala OHCE

State voters oppose Obamacare related bill

Dear Editor,

Today the Oklahoma House of Representatives, in a blatant disregard for the voice of Oklahoma citizens, voted to accept $54,482,000 from the federal government to implement Obamacare when they approved HB 1030, the “Economic Development Generating Excellence Fund” bill.

The 41-page agreement that provides the money ties us to implementing Obamacare by law.

It is a contract that will be upheld in any court in the land. In November We the People voted, with 70 percent of the voters in favor, for SB 756 that said we are opting out of government health care.

Attorney General Scott Pruitt has filed a lawsuit against provisions of Obamacare.

Today, with the blessings of Gov. Mary Fallin and the Republican leadership, our state House voted to accept money that will negate not only the voice of We the People but also the lawsuit that the Oklahoma Republican Party successfully used to run on last fall.

This is the same kind of activities that we voted against when we voted Democrats out of office.

The Republican leadership has lied by saying Sen. Tom Coburn supports this and they lied by saying the Heritage Foundation supports this.

I wonder if this is the kind of representation we voted for in November. I urge all who read this to contact your state senator and insist they vote no when it comes to a vote in their chamber in the next couple of weeks.

Bob Russell


Disappointed at Boren’s support of NPR

Dear Editor,

All of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation voted to defund NPR with the exception of Mr. Dan Boren.

With a large deficit I find it troubling he is in favor of the status quo.  I am disappointed since he is suppose to represent the values of Claremore and Oklahoma.

In retirement planning, we have two risks:

Robert E. Sutton


Claremore’s attractions worth the state’s support

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the staff of the Claremore Daily Progress for your articles, views, and endless commitment to the Will Rogers Memorial Museum and J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum, as well as to our community.

Your recent editorial on the positive economic impact that tourism brings to Claremore and the area, as well as the State of Oklahoma, was well stated and right on the nose.

The proposed cuts, and or loss, of the two state museums in Claremore would have been a devastating loss of dollars brought in, not just to Claremore, but to all of Oklahoma. Communities all over the state receive visitors that are either on their way to or from either of these museums.

This would have been devastating for everyone.

Thanks to Rep Marty Quinn, Sen. Sean Burrage, Steve Gragert, Wayne McCombs, members of their respective commissions, Oklahomans’ countless letters and emails to their legislators, and the Claremore Progress! Thank you for your tireless efforts to ensure Oklahoma continues to prosper.

Communities around the state benefit immensely from the dollars tourists spend when shopping, visiting attractions, attending special events, enjoying a great meal, or spending the night in a local hotel.

Claremore’s leaders saw fit, many years ago, to ensure our community had the organization and the ability to promote all of our wonderful attractions and amenities, by dedicating a guest tax on hotel rooms rented in the city limits and designating the funds for the promotion of tourism.

The Claremore Convention & Visitors Bureau is a non-profit, 501(c)(6) organization, funded by a four percent guest tax on all hotel rooms rented within the city limits of Claremore. Our Mission is to promote, market, and service Claremore as a convention and tourist destination by generating overnight stays.

Our Vision is to enhance and develop the fabric of the community by soliciting and servicing conventions, other related group business, events and visitors.

Claremore voters passed this GUEST tax in 2001 and voted that it be strictly used for tourism promotions.

Surrounding communities aren’t so lucky. Catoosa, Pryor, Owasso, and Tulsa all have a five-percent guest tax; Verdigris has a four-percent guest tax.

The difference in their guest tax and ours is Claremore’s is dedicated solely to tourism. Theirs may go to the city or township to help pay for fire, police, or infrastructure.

Ours is used to recruit new and returning visitors, groups, events, meetings, and conventions, and is paid for by our guests…not our citizens.

Recruiting new and returning guests and new business means new and increased sales taxes for Claremore’s fire, police, parks and recreation, and quality of life for our citizens. It means additional water and electricity usage from hotels and restaurants and additional business for the City of Claremore.

In your online survey, currently on, it is interesting to see the numbers go up and down, both for or against the proposition to increase Claremore’s guest tax, on April 5.

For those who are undecided, perhaps this letter will help in their decision-making.

Claremore is blessed to have such great attractions, restaurants, shops, and hotels, all amenities that visitors are looking for.

We are even more blessed to have a supportive community, one that sees the great future that lies ahead.

Tanya Andrews, Executive Director

Claremore Convention & Visitors Bureau