Claremore Daily Progress

March 24, 2011

We need a wake up call to justice and hold criminals accountable

Letter to the Editor

Claremore — Dear Editor:

This morning as I was fixing my latte’, I stood there wondering what has happened to our Justice System.

News Channel 6 rolls the video camera as the owner of these some 30 dogs, Dennis Brooks, is handcuffed and hauled off to the Roger’s County Jail. Then, the camera pans back to the Police Department employees grim task of rounding up this man’s dogs, walking through ankle deep feces.

In the meantime, the owner, after fingerprinting, and having his photo op, is placed in a cell with a clean floor, free of dog poop, then a jailer sometime after Brook’s arrival to his jail hotel room, is handed a plate of clean food.

And, I’m sure that last night, David Brooks laid his head on a clean pillow with some kind of bedding to cover up with. This man was not required to lift a finger while employee’s of the Claremore Police Department, I.e., Officer Jennifer Cummings, and Officer, Rocky Armbrister, suited up and went about the task of risking their own health breathing in the nasty filth that was stirred up as they struggled to capture these frightened dogs.

If America would drag prisoners off their lazy behinds, and start using them on calls like rounding up these dogs, let them crawl around under a filthy house and send them in to catch these animals, put a shovel in their hands, and work them from daylight to dark, they might think twice before they pull a gun on an innocent victim or, like David Brooks, consider the consequence of crimes against animals because there would be accountability.

We need a wakeup call to justice and hold criminals accountable in a way that they never want to see the inside of a jail cell again.

Personally, I think David Brooks should have been chained to a secure wall inside his house on Kay Street, no worry about providing him water for at least 24 hours, let him worry about how he was going to manage a bathroom break and, just maybe, he would better understand his crime. Of course there would be an outcry from some organization of “unfair punishment”.

Mary Allen