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September 19, 2012

County seeks unity and ideas for 911 Board

Reorganization, budget challenges among issues

CLAREMORE — Discussions continued Tuesday as the E911 Center Advisory Board is working to bring all of the countywide fire, police and EMS agencies together.

Discussion was not limited to participation in the center, but more importantly the ability to communicate with each agency across the county, according to E911 Director Janet Hamilton.
A proposal submitted by Motorola would include a countywide upgrade to the 800-frequency system through the purchase of approximately 438 new radios. This proposal would be able to equip 11 agencies that previously participated with the project study.
Rogers County currently has 14 fire departments, nine law enforcement agencies and two EMS services.
Some of the agencies currently operate within the 800-frequency capability.
Additionally, the new E911 center would have specialized equipment at the dispatch console to accommodate multiple types of frequencies.
The equipment could be purchased at approximately $3,000 per radio, however, the proposal includes the ability to use the equipment on a fee basis. The agreement would include a quarterly fee of approximately $160,000.
“Is this $800,000 lease even an option considering the county’s current budget situation?” Rogers County Undersheriff John Sappington asked.
“Currently, no this is not an option,” Rogers County County Commissioner Dan DeLozier said.  He said the plan is dependent on the participation of these agencies.
Another option that was presented provided for equipment to be installed at the dispatch level to bring forward compatibility.
Everyone would still have their own system but it would be connected through the center to streamline communications, Hamilton said.
“All we are after is what is best for everybody, if we can’t afford it we will try to find a way to make it work,” said DeLozier.
Both options would help bring every agency up to the 800 system, DeLozier said.
“My goal is to just make sure everyone can talk to each other,” Hamilton said.

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