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September 9, 2012

Ask the Mayor

CLAREMORE — How does the City Council determine if an incentive will be offered to a new business wanting to locate in Claremore?

In days past if a business wanted to open in Claremore they would have knowledge of the profitability of such a venture and would build accordingly.  
However, in today’s market companies will look at an area and basically request certain concessions to locate in a particular community.  
This creates a competition with cities or towns that are near in proximity.
To this point, to my knowledge, most of the incentives that have been approved have been for infrastructure improvements to a particular business.  
This allows, in some cases, for the infrastructure improvements immediately and then the City repays through sales tax concessions easing the financial impact on the City.
The current council has not adopted a set policy but to this point we have chosen to evaluate each proposal on a case by case basis.   
We have discussed and will continue to evaluate a policy that would be consistent and fair to everyone.
I have discovered that it is very difficult when trying to attract new businesses to also balance that with consideration given to businesses already established in Claremore.
If you have any questions about Claremore please contact me at or call me at 918-277-1840.  
Our council meetings are the first and third Monday of each month, please join us.

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